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Nathalie Lazaric

Visiting Professor of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Management of Intellectual Capital from University of Côte d’Azur, France

The paradox of routines functioning is the (n)ever changing word.

I am interested in how patterns of actions and routines change and how this may create new opportunities for companies towards sustainable innovations. I observe the difficulties to go in this direction and how Grand Challenges may boost change for companies and citizens. In France I am currently involved in many experiments in transport and mobility with SMEs and large Companies to observe possible change of habits and routines.

Professional biography

I am currently Research Professor at Université Côte d’Azur and CNRS (national scientific research center) and President of the EAEPE (European Association for Political association), I am editor of the Review of Evolutionary Political Economy (REPE) and advisory Editor of Journal of Evolutionary Economics.

What are your main research interests?

I am interested to observe the various sources of change within organizations and for citizens. What are the drivers of these changes? How may individuals and organizations perceive change as an opportunity or as an effortful task ? I like to scrutinize potential lock-in within individuals and organizations and to assess the influence of the structures (such as national innovation systems or technological paradigms) for framing these opportunities).

How does your research have influence beyond the academic world? Does this include any roles you have beyond the academy?

I was the first researcher to obtain quantitative data in France on the impact of smart meters for decreasing energy consumption. I contribute to many public debates through interventions in schools, with local television and on national radio, especially relating to questions of the ecological and energetic transition. I am part of many local French associations that disseminate science to wider audiences. I like to be challenged by diverse audiences.

Is teaching still a significant part of your working life? What particular method or approach would you say characterises your teaching?

Yes. I like to teach by explaining my empirical findings (ecological innovation in the French Bordeaux viveyard, changes of energy habits observed in field experiments) and step-by-step introducing some critical notions such as routines or habits. I have a grounded teaching approach based on cases studies for developing more fundamental understandings.

What specific passions or concerns particularly inspire you in your work?

Grand Challenges, especially climate change, are a source of permanent inspiration that motivates my research.

Which of your publications would you regard as the most significant and why?

My articles with Sidney Winter & R. R Nelson and Martha Feldman & Brian Pentland on organizational routines. They had a significant impact for advancing the theoretical background of routines and to build a community of researchers and challenged the conventional wisdom of inertia. I am also very proud of my work with Kevin Maréchal on habits and evolutionary economics for tackling the issue of climate change.

What are you particularly hoping to achieve during your time as a Visiting Professor in Gothenburg?

I am looking forward to working with Professor Maureen Mc Kelvey and with IIE’s doctoral students on organizational routines and entrepreneurship in Sweden and especially on the impact of governance issues for implementing change. I would like to compare French and Swedish entrepreneurship to see how and why they may differ.


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Nathalie Lazaric
Nathalie Lazaric

Focus areas

  • Organizational routines and entrepreneurship
  • Ecological innovation
  • Behavioural change and habits
  • Sustainable consumption


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