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Responsible Land Investments: Experiences and Lessons Learnt

Welcome to a LARRI webinar on 26 May 13:00-15:00, on Responsible Land Investments: Experiences and Lessons Learnt

In response to widespread criticism of large-scale land investments in developing countries in recent years, alternative approaches are now being advocated, referred to as Responsible Land Investments (RLI). These center around the recognition of, and respect for, legitimate land and resource rights among local communities, with the aim of avoiding land conflicts and land-related risks for communities, investors and governments. How does the idea of RLI relate to broader established approaches to responsible business practice? What distinctive land governance and tenure issues are emerging from practical experience, and what are the lessons and implications for the planning and management of responsible land-based investments in agriculture and other sectors? These and other related questions will be discussed at this LARRI webinar.

Julian Quan, Professor in Land and Development Practice at the University of Greenwich, UK, will make an introductory presentation based upon his experience from a series of RLI pilot projects in sub-Saharan Africa. After comments from Dr Linda Engström, researcher in Rural Development at the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences, the floor will be opened for general discussion.

Moderators: Lasse Krantz and Robin Biddulph

When and where

Wednesday 26 May, 13.00 – 15.00

Location: online (link will be sent out to registered)


Register by e-mail to: lassekrantz15@gmail.com