Göteborgs universitet

Researchers in labor and applied microeconomics

Labor economics is a growing field at the University of Gothenburg, with a number of international hires in the last five years.

Dr. Sanna Bergvall
(Lund University, 2020)
Labour Economics, Education Economics, Gender Economics

Dr. Andreas Dzemski
(University of Mannheim, 2015)
Statistical Methods, Networks

Prof. Randi Hjalmarsson
(Yale University, 2005)
Economics of Crime, Discrimination, Empirical Legal Studies

Assistant Professor Xiyu Jiao
University of Oxford, 2019)

Dr. Gustav Kjellsson
(Lund University, 2014)
Health Economics, Health Inequality
Measurement, Policy Evaluation

Prof. Mikael Lindahl
(Stockholm University, 2000)
Economics of Education, Intergenerational Mobility

Prof. Andreea Mitrut
(University of Gothenburg, 2008)
Economics of Education, Health Economics, Economics of the Family

Dr. Ariel Pihl
(University of California, Davis, 2017)
Labor Economics, Health Economics, Policy Evaluation

Prof. Aico Van Vuuren (on leave)
(VU University, 2002)
Applied Econometrics, Search, Economics of the Housing Market

Dr. Yun Xiao
(University of Amsterdam, 2022)
Labor Economics, Development Economics, Economics of the Family

Assoc. Prof. Björn Tyrefors
(Stockholm School of Economics, 2007)
Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Political Economy

Dr. Jens Wikström
(Stockholm University, 2023)
Health Economics, Economics of Social Security

Current 3rd-5th Year PhD Students (Primary Supervisors in Labor/Applied Micro Group) 

Cecilia Ahsan Jansson

Tim Bayer

Daniel Cunha Byström

Ronja Helénsdotter

Jimmy Karlsson

Vorada Limjaroenrat

Anh Vu Tran (on leave)