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Avhandlingar i nationalekonomi
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Doktorsavhandlingar i nationalekonomi

Avhandlingar framlagda vid Institutionen för nationalekonomi med statistik, listade i kronologisk ordning med den senaste först.

Institutionens doktorsavhandlingar ingår i en serie som från starten 1979 till nr 111 år 2002 hette Ekonomiska Studier. Serien bytte sedan namn till Economic Studies. Numren inom parentes hänvisar till denna serie. Länkarna - med början 2002 - går till respektive avhandling i fulltextversion i universitetets databas GUPEA.


Ronja Helénsdotter (260)
"Court-Ordered Care"

Timm Behler (259)
"Telling Talent: Essays on Discrimination and Promotion Contests"


Tewodros Tesemma (258)
"Essays on Environmental and Behavioral Economics"

Ville Inkinen (257)
"Wetland Mitigation Banking in the United States"

David Bilen (256)
"Sustainable Consumption and Prosocial Actions"

Magnus Hansson (255)
"Decentralized Finance and Central Bank Communication"

Andrea Berggren (254)
"Val bland läkare, studenter och primärvårdsutförare: Empiriskt underlag från Sverige”


Jakob Enlund (253)
"Valcykler, konflikt, kriminalitet och miljövänligt beteende"

Lina Andersson (252)
"Känslor och spelteori: Fruktan, vänlighet och fientlighet"

Lisa Norrgren (251)
"Carpe Diem or Seize your Health? The Economics of Time Preferences, Health, and Education"

Sebastian Larsson (250)
"Providers and Profiteers: Essays on Profits and Competition in the Provision of Public Services"


Ruijie Tian (249)
¨Impacts of Climate Policy and Natural Disaster: Evidence from China¨

Carolin Sjöholm (248)
"Essays on Public Policy in the Informal Sector Context"                                   

Anna Lindahl (247)
"Empirical tests of exchange rate and stock returm models"


Melissa Rubio Ramos (246)
"The Economics of Coercive Institutions, Conflict, and Development" 

Hoang-Anh Ho (245)
"Essays on Culture, Institutions, and Economic Development"

Debbie Lau (244)
"Empirical Essays on Education and Health Policy Evaluation"

Simon Schürz (243)
"Economic and Intergenerational Decision-Making in Families"

Samson Mukanjari (242)
"Climate Policy and Financial Markets"


Maksym Khomenko (241)
"Essays on the Design of Public Policies and Regulations"

Tamás Kiss (240)
"Predictability in Equity Markets: Estimation and Inference"

Eyoual Demeke (239)
"Essays on Environmental and Behavioral Economics"


Simon Felgendreher (238)
"Essays on behavioral economics and the effects of the colonial rule on Java"

Josephine Gakii Gatua (237)
"Primary Health Care Interventions and Social Ties in Kenya"

Hanna Mühlrad (236)
"The Impact of Reproductive and Birth Technologies on Health, Fertility and Labor Outcomes"



James MacGregor (4)
"Sustainable policy for energy, land and natural resources"

Tensay Hadush Meles (235)
"Power Outages, Increasing Block Tariff and Billing Knowledge"

Yashodha Yashodha (234)
"Contract Choice and Trust in Informal Groundwater Markets"

Verena Kurz (233)
"Essays on behavioral economics: Nudges, food consumption and procedural fairness"

Daniel Slunge (3)
"Essays on Enviromental Management and Economics: Public Health, risk and Strategic Environmental Assessment"

Yuanyuan Yi (232)
"Incentives and Forest Reform: Evidence from China"

Laura Villalobos-Fiatt (231)
"Essays on forest conservation policies, weather and school attendance"

Martin Julius Chegere (230)
"Post-Harvest Losses, Intimate Partner Violence and Food Security in Tanzania"

Lisa Björk (229)
"Essays on Behavioral Economics and Fisheries: Coordination and Cooperation"

Andrea Martinangeli (228)
"Bitter divisions: inequality, identity and cooperation"


Emil Persson (227)
"Essays on Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Corporation, Emotions and Health"


Remidius Ruhinduka (226)
"Essays on Field Experiments and Impact Evaluation"

Oana Borcan (225)
"Economic Determinants and Consequences of Political Institutions"

Mohamed-Reda Moursli (224)
"Corporate Governance and the Design of Board of Directors"

Sied Hassen (223):
"On the Adoption and Dis-adoption of Household Energy and Farm Technologies"

Anja Tolonen (222)
"Mining Booms in Africa and Local Welfare Effects: Labor markets, Women´s Empowerment and Criminality"

Van Diem Nguyen (221):
"Essays on Takeovers and Executive Compensation"

Simona Bejenariu (220):
"Determinants of Health Capital at Birth: Evidence from Policy Interventions"

Monica Marcela Jaime Torres (219):
"Essays on Behavioral Economics and Policy Design"

Xiao-Bing Zhang (218):
"Cooperation and Paradoxes in Climate Economics"


Qian Weng (217):
"Essays on Team Cooperation and Firm Performance"


Lisa Andersson (216):
Essays on Development and Experimental Economics: Migration, Discrimination and Positional Concerns

Haileselassie Medhin (215):
The Poor and Their Neighbors: Essays on Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Kristina Mohlin (214):
Essays on Environmental Taxation and Climate Policy

Jorge Alexander Bonilla Londoño (213):
Essays on the Economics of Air Quality Control

Xiaojun Yang (212):
Household Decision Making, Time Preferences, and Positional Concern: Experimental evidence from rural China

Anna Nordén (211):
Essays on Behavioral Economics and Policies for Provision of Ecosystem Services

Joakim Ruist (210):
Immigration, Work, and Welfare

Simon Wagura Ndiriitu (209):
Essays on Gender Issues, Food Security, and Technology Adoption in East Africa


Hailemariam Teklewold Belayneh (208):
Essays on the Economics of Sustainable Agricultural Technologies in Ethiopia

Michele Valsecchi (207):
Essays in Political Economy of Development

Yoshihiro Sato (206):
Dynamic Investment Models, Employment Generation and Productivity - Evidence from Swedish Data

Rick Wicks (205):
The Place of Conventional Economics in a World with Communities and Social Goods

Måns Nerman (204):
Essays on Development: Household Income, Education, and Female Political Participation and Representation

Matilda Orth (203):
Entry, Competition and Productivity in Retail


Eyerusalem Siba (202):
Essays on Industrial Development and Political Economy of Africa

Anna Widerberg (201):
Essays on Energy and Climate Policy - Green Certificates, Emissions Trading and Electricity Prices

Godwin Kofi Vondolia (200):
Essays on Natural Resource Economics

Miyase Yesim Köksal-Ayhan (199):
Parallel Trade, Reference Pricing and Competition in the Pharmaceutical Market: Theory and Evidence

Yonas Alem (198):
Essays on Shocks, Welfare, and Poverty Dynamics: Microeconometric Evidence from Ethiopia

Andreas Kotsadam (197):
Gender, Work, and Attitudes

Annika Lindskog (196):
Essays on Economic Behaviour: HIV/AIDS, Schooling, and Inequality

Khanh Nam Pham (195):
Prosocial Behavior, Social Interaction and Development: Experimental evidence from Vietnam

Ann-Sofie Isaksson (194):
Essays on Institutions, Inequality and Development

Fredrik W. Andersson (193):
Essays on Social Comparison


Linus Schiöler:
Univariate and Multivariate Surveillance of Outbreaks (No.32 in the series Statistical Research Unit Publications)

Haoran He (192):
Environmental and Behavioral Economics - Applications to China

Cristiana Manescu (191):
Economic Implications of Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Investments

Niklas Jakobsson (190):
Laws, Attitudes, and Public Policy

Florin G. Maican (189):
Essays in Industry Dynamics on Imperfectly Competitive Markets

Clara Villegas Palacio (188):
Formal and Informal Regulations: Enforcement and Compliance

Conny Wollbrant (187):
Self-Control and Altruism

Daniel Zerfu (186):
Essays on Institutions and Economic Outcomes



Miguel Quiroga (185):
Microeconomic Policy for Development: Essays on Trade and Environment, Poverty and Education

Pelle Ahlerup (184):
Essays on Conflict, Institutions, and Ethnic Diversity

Constantin Belu (183):
Essays on Efficiency Measurement and Corporate Social Responsibility

Jiegen Wei (182):
Essays in Climate Change and Forest Management

Ping Qin (181):
Risk, Relative Standing and Property Rights: Rural Household Decision-Making in China

Anders Boman (180):
Geographic Labour Mobility - Causes and Consequences


Sven Tengstam (179):
Essays on Smallholder Diversification, Industry Location, Debt Relief, and Disability and Utility

Precious Zikhali (178):
Land Reform, Trust and Natural Resource Management in Africa

Gustav Hansson (177):
Essays on Social Distance, Institutions, and Economic Growth

Mitrut, Andreea (176):
Four Essays on Interhousehold Transfers and Institutions in Post-Communist Romania

Lampi, Elina (175):
Individual Preferences, Choices, and Risk Perceptions - Survey Based Evidence

Erlandzon, Karl (174):
Retirement Planning: Portfolio Choice for Long-Term Investors

Tsakas, Elias (173):
Essays on Epistemology and Evolutionary Game Theory

Munshi, Farzana (172):
Essays on Globalization and Occupational Wages  

Carlsson, Evert (171):
After Work - Investing for Retirement

Akay, Alpaslan (170):
Essays on Microeconometrics and Immigrant Assimilation

Palma Aguirre, Grisha Alexis (169):
Explaining Earnings and Income Inequality in Chile  


Sjöberg, Pål (168):
Essays on Performance and Growth in Swedish Banking

Ekbom, Anders 167):
Economic Analysis of Soil Capital, Land Use and Agricultural Production in Kenya

Ibanez Diaz, Marcela (166):
The Role of Incentives, Norms and Institutions

Johansson, Anders C. (165):
Essays in Empirical Finance: Volatility, Interdependencies, and Risk in Emerging Markets

Herbertsson, Alexander (164):
Pricing Portfolio Credit Derivatives

Holm, Louise (163):
A Non-Stationary Perspective on the European and Swedish Business Cycle

Visser, Martine (162):
Fairness, Reciprocity and Inequality: Experimental Evidence from South Africa

Bezabih, Mintewab (161):
Essays on Land Lease Markets, Productivity, Biodiversity, and Environmental Variability

García, Jorge (160):
Essays on Asymmetric Information and Environmental Regulation Through Disclosure


Daruvala, Dinky (159):
Experimental Studies on Risk, Inequality and Relative Standing

Akpalu, Wisdom (158):
Essays on Economics of Natural Resource Management
and Experiments

Congdon Fors, Heather (157):
Essays in Institutional and Development Economics

Larsson, Jan (156):
Four Essays on Technology, Productivity and Environment

Shimeles, Abebe (155):
Essays on Poverty, Risk and Consumption Dynamics in Ethiopia

Kjaer, Mats (154):
Pricing of Some Path-Dependent Options on Equities and Commodities

Islam, Nizamul (153):
Essays on Labor Supply and poverty: A microeconometric application

Gebreeyesus, Mulu (152):
Essays on Firm Turnover, Growth, and Investment Behavior in Ethiopian Manufacturing

Deng, Daniel (151):
Three Essays on Electricity Spot and Financial Derivative Prices at the Nordic Power Exchange

Sandén, Klas (150):
Essays on the Skill Premium

Nivorozhkin, Anton (149):
Essays on Unemployment Duration and Programme Evaluation

Nyangena, Wilfred (148):
Essays on Soil Conservation, Social Capital and Technology Adoption 


Jussila Hammes, Johanna (147):
Essays on the Political Economy of Land Use Change

Lokina, Razack Bakari (146):
Efficiency, Risk and Regulation Compliance: Applications to Lake Victoria fisheries

Mahmud, Minhaj (145):
Measuring Trust and the Value of Statistical Lives: Evidence from Bangladesh

Eliason, Marcus (144):
Individual and Family Consequences of Involuntary Job Loss

Dieden, Sten (143):
Income Generation in the African and Coloured Population - Three essays on the origins of household incomes in South Africa

Lidén, Erik (142):
Essays on Information and Conflicts of Interest in Stock Recommendations 


Edvardsen, Dag Fjeld (141):
Four Essays on the Measurement of Productive Efficiency

Kateregga, Eseza (140):
Essays on the Infestation of Lake Victoria by the Water Hyancinth

Yesuf, Mahmud (139):
Risk, Time and Land Management under Market Imperfections: Applications to Ethiopia

Chen, Yinghong (138):
Essays on Voting Power, Corporate Governance and Capital Structure

Andersson, Jessica (137):
Welfare Environment and Tourism in Developing Countries

Gjirja, Matilda (136):
Efficiency and Productivity in Swedish Banking

Tezic, Kerem (134):
Essays on Immigrants' Economic Integration

Simatele, Munacinga (133):
Financial Sector Reforms and Monetary Policy in Zambia


Abou-Ali, Hala (132):
Water and Health in Egypt: An empirical analysis

Hammes, Klaus (131):
Essays on Capital Structure and Trade Financing

Muchapondwa, Edwin (130):
The Economics of Community-Based Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe

Chifamba, Ronald (129):
Analysis of Mining Investments in Zimbabwe

Ljungwall, Christer (128):
Essays on China's Economic Performance During the Reform Period

Brink, Anna (127):
On the Political Economy of Municipality Break-Ups

Erlandsson, Mattias (126):
On Monetary Integration and Macroeconomic Policy

Adler, Johan (125):
Aspects of Macroeconomic Saving

Wambugu, Anthony (124):
Essays on Earnings and Human Capital in Kenya

Lundström, Susanna (123):
On Institutions, Economic Growth and the Environment

Ivaschenko, Oleksiy (122):
Essays on Poverty, Income Inequality and Health in Transition Economies

Löfgren, Åsa (121):
Environmental Taxation - Empirical and theoretical applications

Pylkkänen, Elina (120):
Studies on Household Labor Supply and Home Production


Piculescu, Violeta  (119):
Studies on the Post-Communist Transition

Wahlberg, Roger (118):
Essays on Discrimination, Welfare and Labor Supply

Alpizar, Francisco, R. (117):
Essays on Environmental Policy-Making in Developing Countries: Applications to Costa Rica

Jaldell, Henrik (116):
Essays on the Performance of Fire and Rescue Services

Granér, Mats (115):
Essays on Trade and Productivity: Case studies of manufacturing in Chile and Kenya

Andrén, Thomas (114):
Essays on Training, Welfare and Labor Supply

Maneschiöld, Per-Ola (113):
Essays on Exchange Rates and Central Bank Credibility

Linde-Rahr, Martin (112):
Household Economics of Agriculture and Forestry in Rural Vietnam

Wu, Hong (111):
Essays on Insurance Economics

Nannyonjo, Justine (110):
Financial Sector Reforms in Uganda, 1990-2000


Hammar, Henrik (109):
Essays on Policy Instruments: Applications to smoking and the environment

Nivorozhkin, Eugene (108):
Essays on Capital Structure

Andrén, Daniela (107):
Work, Sickness, Earnings, and Early Exits from the Labor Market: An empirical analysis using Swedish longitudinal data

Eggert, Håkan (106):
Essays on Fisheries Economics

Mkenda, Adolf (105):
Fishery Resources and Welfare in Rural Zanzibar

Nerhagen, Lena (104):
Travel Demand and Value of Time - Towards an understanding of individuals' choice behavior

Kalinda Mkenda, Beatrice (103):
Essays on Purchasing Power Parity, Real Exchange Rate, and Optimum Currency Areas


Österberg, Torun (102):
Economic Perspectives on Immigrants and Intergenerational Transmissions

Meuller, Lars (101):
Essays on Money and Credit

Olsson, Ola (100):
Perspectives on Knowledge and Growth

Höglund, Lena (99):
Essays on Environmental Regulation with Applications to Sweden

Söderbom, Måns (98):
Investment in African Manufacturing: A microeconomic analysis

Ericson, Peter (97):
Essays on Labor Supply

Davidsen, Björn-Ivar (96):
Bidrag til den ökonomisk-metodologiske tenkningen



Mlima, Aziz Ponary (95):
Four Essays on Efficiency and Productivity in Swedish Banking

Zhang, Jianhua (94):
Essays on Emerging Market Finance

Lundvall, Karl (93):
Essays on Manufacturing Production in a Developing Economy: Kenya 1992-94

Alemu, Tekie (92):
Land Tenure and Soil Conservation: Evidence from Ethiopia

Johansson, Mats (91):
Empirical Studies on Income Distribution

Carlsson, Fredrik (90):
Essays on Externalities and Transport


Nyman, Håkan (89):
An Economic Analysis of Lone Motherhood in Sweden

Kadenge, Phineas (88):
Essays on Macroeconomic Adjustment in Zimbabwe: Inflation, money demand, and the real exchange rate

Agnarsson, Sveinn (87):
Of Men and Machines: Essays in applied labour and production economics

Mwansa, Ladslous (86):
Determinants of Inflation in Zambia

Ncube, Mkhululi (85):
Analysis of Employment Behaviour in Zimbabwe

Levin, Jörgen (84):
Structural Adjustment and Poverty: The case of Kenya

Köhlin, Gunnar (83):
The Value of Social Forestry in Orissa, India

Johansson, Anders (82):
Empirical Essays on Financial and Real Investment Behavior

Mekonnen, Alemu (81):
Rural Energy and Afforestation: Case studies from Ethiopia

Belhaj, Mohammed (80):
Energy, Transportation and Urban Environment in Africa: The case of Rabat-Salé, Morocco

Peterson, Stefan (79):
Essays on Large Shareholders and Corporate Control

Rogat, Jorge (78):
The Value of Improved Air Quality

Pan, Kelvin (77):
Essays on Enforcement in Money and Banking

Holmén, Martin (76):
Essays on Corporate Acquisitions and Stock Market Introductions


Manda, Damiano Kulundu (75):
Labour Supply, Returns of Education, and the Effect of Firm Size on Wages: The case of Kenya

Zamanian, Max (74):
Methods for Mutual Fund Portfolio Evaluation: An application to the Swedish market

Sharifi, Alimorad (73):
The Electricity Supply Industry in Iran: Organization, performance and future development

Gerdin, Anders (72):
On Productivity and Growth in Kenya

Isaksson, Anders (71):
Essays on Financial Liberalisation in Developing Countries: Capital mobility, price stability, and savings

Zheng, Jinghai (70):
Essays on Industrial Structure, Technical Change, Employment Adjustment, and Technical Efficiency

Nafar, Nosratollah (69):
Efficiency and Productivity in Iranian Manufacturing Industries

Horgby, Per-Johan (68):
Essays on Sharing, Management and Evaluation of Health Risks

Cotfas, Mihai (67):
Essays on Productivity and Efficiency in the Romanian Cement Industry

Hansen, Jörgen (66):
Essays on Earnings and Labor Supply


Leander, Per (65):
Foreign Exchange Market Behavior Expectations and Chaos

Chitiga, Margaret (64):
Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Income Distribution Policies in Zimbabwe

Johansson, Olof (63):
Welfare, Externalities, and Taxation: Theory and some road transport applications

Mabugu, Ramos E. (62):
Tax Policy Analysis in Zimbabwe Applying General Equilibrium Models

Yilma, Mulugeta (61):
Measuring Smallholder Efficiency: Ugandan coffee and food-crop production

Välilä, Timo (60):
Essays on the Credibility of Central Bank Independence

Locking, Håkan (59):
Essays on Swedish Wage Formation

Forteza, Alvaro (58):
Credibility, Inflation and Incentive Distortions in the Welfare State


Andersson, Göran:
Volatility Forecasting and Efficiency of the Swedish Call Options Market (57)

Kjulin, Urban:
Economic Perspectives on Child Care (56)

Asal, Maher:
Real Exchange Rate Determination and the Adjustment Process: An empirical study in the cases of Sweden and Egypt (55)


Katz, Katarina:
Gender Differentiation and Discrimination. A study of Soviet wages (54)

Cabezas Vega, Luis:
Factor Substitution, Capacity Utilization and Total Factor Productivity Growth in the Peruvian Manufacturing Industry (53)

Bjurek, Hans:
Essays on Efficiency and Productivity Change with Applications to Public Service Production (52)

Salas, Osvaldo:
Efficiency and Productivity Change: A micro data case study of the Colombian cement industry (51)

Heshmati, Almas:
Estimating Technical Efficiency, Productivity Growth and Selectivity Bias Using Rotating Panel Data: An application to Swedish agriculture (50)

Franzén, Mikael:
Gasoline Demand: A comparison of models (49)


Modén, Karl-Markus:
Tax Incentives of Corporate Mergers and Foreign Direct Investments (48)

Ndung'u, Njuguna:
Dynamics of the Inflationary Process in Kenya (47)

Mlambo, Kupukile:
Total Factor Productivity Growth: An empirical analysis of Zimbabwe's manufacturing sector based on factor demand modelling (46)

Mwenda, Adolf:
Credit Rationing and Investment Behaviour under Market Imperfections: Evidence from commercial agriculture in Zambia (45)

Odeck, James:
Measuring Productivity Growth and Efficiency with Data Envelopment Analysis: An application on the Norwegian road sector (44)

Veiderpass, Ann:
Swedish Retail Electricity Distribution: A non-parametric approach to efficiency and productivity change (43)

Durevall, Dick:
Essays on Chronic Inflation: The Brazilian experience (42)

Julin, Eva:
Structural Change in Rural Kenya (41)

Makonnen, Negatu:
Labor Supply and the Distribution of Economic Well-Being: A case study of Lesotho (40)

Semboja, Haji Hatibu Haji:
Energy and Development in Kenya (39)

Storrie, Donald W.:
The Anatomy of a Large Swedish Plant Closure (38)

Andersson, Per-Åke:
Labour Market Structure in a Controlled Economy: The case of Zambia (37)

Milopoulos, Christos:
Investment Behaviour under Uncertainty: An econometric analysis of Swedish panel data (36)

Tasiran, Ali Cevat:
Wage and Income Effects on the Timing and Spacing of Births in Sweden and the United States (35)

Irandoust, Manuchehr:
Essays on the Behavior and Performance of the Car Industry (34)


Loureiro, Joao M. de Matos:
Foreign Exchange Intervention, Sterilization and Credibility in the EMS: An empirical study (33)


Rosén, Åsa:
Contributions to the Theory of Labour Contracts (32)


Sjöö, Boo:
Monetary Policy in a Continuous Time Dynamic Model for Sweden (31)

Henrekson, Magnus:
An Economic Analysis of Swedish Government Expenditure (30)



Andersson, Irene:
Familjebeskattning, konsumtion och arbetsutbud - En ekonometrisk analys av löne- och inkomstelasticiteter samt policysimuleringar för svenska hushåll (29)

Tansini, Ruben:
Technology Transfer: Dairy industries in Sweden and Uruguay (28)


Bornmalm-Jardelöw, Gunilla:
Högre utbildning och arbetsmarknad (Higher Education and the Labour Market) (27)

Kayizzi-Mugerwa, Steve:
External Shocks and Adjustment in Zambia (26)

Aguilar, Renato:
Efficiency in Production: Theory and an application on Kenyan smallholders (25)

Görling, Anders:
Ekonomisk tillväxt och miljö: Föroreningsstruktur och ekonomiska effekter av olika miljövårdsprogram (Economic Growth and Environment: Pollution structure and economic effects of some environmental programs) (24)

Zejan, Mario:
Studies in the Behavior of Swedish Multinationals (23)

Ongaro, Wilfred:
Adoption of New Farming Technology: A case study of maize production in Western Kenya (22)

Mbelle, Ammon:
Foreign Exchange and Industrial Development: A study of Tanzania (21)

Anxo, Dominique:
Sysselsättningseffekter av en allmän arbetstidsförkortning (Employment Effects of a General Reduction in Working Time) (20)


Stålhammar, Nils-Olov:
Strukturomvandling, företagsbeteende och förväntningsbildning inom den svenska tillverkningsindustrin (Structural Change, Firm Behaviour and Expectation Formation in Swedish Manufacturing) (19)

Walfridson, Bo:
Dynamic Models of Factor Demand: An application to Swedish industry (18)


Schuller, Bernd-Joachim:
Ekonomi och kriminalitet - en empirisk undersökning av brottsligheten i Sverige (Economics of Crime: An empirical analysis of Crime in Sweden) (17)

Flood, Lennart:
On the Application of Multisectoral Growth Models (16)

Sterner, Thomas:
Energy Use in Mexican Industry (15)


Persson, Håkan:
Theory and Applications of Multisectoral Growth Models (14)

Larsson, Lars-Göran:
Comparative Statistics on the Basis of Optimization Methods (13)

Blomström, Magnus:
Foreign Investment, Technical Efficiency and Structural Change: Evidence from the Mexican manufacturing industry (12)


Bergendahl, Per-Anders:
Energi och ekonomi - tillämpningar av input-output analys (Energy and the Economy: Applications of input-output analysis) (11)

Juås, Birgitta:
Värdering av risken för personskador. En jämförande studie av implicita och explicita värden (Valuation of Personal Injuries: A comparison of implicit and explicit values) (10)

Lundborg, Per:
Trade Policy and Development: Income distributional effects in the less developed countries of the US and EEC policies for agricultural commodities (9)


Granholm, Arne:
Interregional Planning Models for the Allocation of Private and Public Investments (8)



Gustafsson, Björn:
Inkomst- och uppväxtförhållanden (Income and Family Background) (7)

Andersson, Lars:
Statens styrning av de kommunala budgetarnas struktur (Central Government Influence on the Structure of the Municipal Budgets) (6)

Bigsten, Arne:
Regional Inequality and Development: A case study of Kenya (5)

(Thesis numbers 1-4 in the series "Ekonomiska Studier" were no doctoral theses and are therefore not listed here.)


Johansson, Börje:
Contributions to Sequential Analysis of Oligopolistic Competition


Lönnroth, Johan:
Marxism som matematisk ekonomi

Dahlberg, Lars:
Empirical Studies in Public Planning

Sandelin, Bo:
Prisutveckling och kapitalvinster på bostadsfastigheter


Flöjstad, Gunnar:
Studies in Distortions, Trade and Allocation Problems

Wästlund, Jan:
Skattning och analys av regionala effektivitetsskillnader inom industribranscher

Wigren, Rune:
Analys av regionala effektivitetsskillnader inom industribranscher

Köstner, Evert:
Optimal allokering av tid mellan utbildning och arbete

Gunnarsson, Jan:
Produktionssystem och tätortshierarki - om sambandet mellan rumslig och ekonomisk struktur

Ohlsson, Olle:
Substitution och odelbarheter i produktionsprocessen vid massaframställning

Anderson, Arne M.:
Produktion, kapacitet och kostnader vid ett helautomatiskt emballageglasbruk


Örtendahl, Per-Anders:
Substitutionsaspekter på produktionsprocessen vid massaframställning

Hjalmarsson, Lennart:
Studies in a Dynamic Theory of Production and its Applications

Rosengren, Björn:
Valutareglering och nationell ekonomisk politik


Mattsson, Bengt:
Cost-Benefit Analysis



Landgren, K-G.:
Den "Nya ekonomien" i Sverige


Ambjörn, Erik:
Svenskt importberoende 1926-1956


Hegeland, Hugo:
The Quantity Theory of Money


Gerhard, I.:
Problem rörande Sveriges utrikeshandel 1936/38


Sundbom, I.:
Prisbildning och ändamålsenlighet


Moritz, Marcus:
Den svenska tobaksindustrien

Östman, Hugo:
Norrlands ekonomiska utveckling