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About Aico van Vuuren

Aico van Vuuren is professor in Econometrics at the Department of Economics. He obtained his Ph.D. in Economics in 2002 at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam with a thesis on empirical applications in search theory. Before coming to the University of Gothenburg, he has been working at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the University of Amsterdam and the VU in Amsterdam. He has worked on a broad range of research topics that are related to each other in terms of the use of econometric methods to estimate phenomena in economic theory. Among these are the estimation of gender wage gaps along the distribution, the impact of seniority on wages, the labour market outcomes of young university graduates and various topics in the economics of the housing market. His articles are published into the highest ranked journals in the economic literature.

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Research areas

  • Applied Econometrics - Sample selection models
  • Labour Economics - Search
  • Economics of the housing market

Teaching areas

  • Econometrics

Selected publications

Buhai, I. Sebastian, Portela, Miguel A., Teulings, Coen N., van Vuuren, Aico
Econometrica, 82:2, s. 705-730, 2014

On-the-Job Search, Mismatch and Efficiency
van Vuuren, Aico, Gautier, Pieter, Teulings, Coen
Review of Economic Studies, 2010

Counterfactual distributions with sample selection adjustments: Econometric theory and an application to the Netherlands
van Vuuren, Aico, Albrecht, Jim, Vroman, Susan
Labour Economics, 2009

Job search and academic achievement
van Vuuren, Aico, Van der Klaauw, Bas
European Economic Review, 2010

Terrorism and attitudes towards minorities: The effect of the Theo van Gogh murder on house prices in Amsterdam
, Siegmann, Ajren, Gautier, Pieter, van Vuuren, Aico
Journal of Urban Economics, 2009