Göteborgs universitet

CERGU Non-Unidisciplinary Research Platform

A new research platform aimed at non-unidisciplinary research.

  • What is interdisciplinary research?
  • What is multi- or transdisciplinary? Crossdisciplinary?
  • What is Non-unidisciplinary research?

But most importantly, why is it done, how is it done and what is it good for? The CERGU Non-Unidisciplinary Research Platform was launched in October 2022 to connect researchers who are interested in working with the provision of answers to all of the questions above. With CERGU NURP, we can start up different projects such as anthologies, conferences, special issues of journals, workshops etc. on the theme of interdisciplinarity. The first project launched from the platform is an anthology project. The researchers involved meet up on a regular basis for workshops and seminars. If you are interested in joining, contact Andreas Moberg at andreas.moberg@law.gu.se.