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Theses/Avhandlingar vid psykologiska institutionen

Många avhandlingar från senare år finns nedladdningsbara. Sök doktorsavhandlingar vid Göteborgs universitet

2020: Melander Hagborg Johan: Child maltreatment among young adolescents: Effects on mental health, academic functioning and substance use

2019: Romeo Tameka:Undermining Memory for the Experiences of Victims and Offenders: Implications for the Legal Arena

2019: Gerafi Joel: Visuospatial inattention and processing speed: Predictors of long-term outcome and patterns of change after ischemic stroke

2019: Gyberg Fanny: Identity: Understanding Aspects of Process, Content, and Structure in Context

2019: Srivatsav Meghana: Determinants of Guilty Suspects’ Behavior in Investigative Interviews: Evidence-Disclosure Tactics and Question Content

2019: Henning Georg: Change and Continuity in Psychological Health Across the Retirement Transition: Interindividual Differences and Post-Retirement Adjustment

2019: Hansson Isabelle: Retirement and Life Satisfaction: A Resource-Based Dynamic Perspective

2019: Kling Johanna: Being at home in one's body. Body image in light of identity development


2019: Ryberg Carmen: Children with Congenital Heart Defects. Intellectual Functioning and Family Impact

2019: Calderon Sofia: True and False Intentions: A Mental Representational Approach

2019: Portnoy Shiri: Memory-Based Approaches to the Examination of Alibis Provided by Innocent Suspects

2019: Izotovaz Aleksandras: Memory-based Lie Detection in Repeated Interviews: The Importance of Early Use of Mnemonics

2019: Wramsten Wilmar Maria: Managers in Human Service Organizations and their interaction with the Media – the managers´experiences

2018: Boson Karin: Psychological perspectives on alcohol use among young adolescents: Mental health and personality

2018: Ernberg Emelie, There was nothing but her story: Prosecution of alleged child sexual abuse of preschoolers

2018:Adolfsson Kerstin, Blaming victims of rape: Studies on rape myths and beliefs about rape

2018: Neequaye Amon David, Eliciting information in intelligence interviews through priming: An examination of underlying mechanisms

2018: Alfredsson Elin, Growing together: Participation in and outcomes of programs for parents of adolescents

2018: Einarsdóttir Gró, Do I have enough? On the act of assessing one’s personal resources

2018: Karlsson Peter, Birth cohort differences in cognitive aging: Secular trends in cognitive functioning and decline over 30 years in three population-based Swedish samples

2018: Triscoli Chantal, Hedonic, neural, and autonomic responses to prolonged gentle touch

2018: Ingevaldson Sara, “THE STORY ABOUT ME” Psychological perspectives on young men who sexually offended in adolescence

2018: Stålheim Jonas Stålheim, "Everybody gets a little bit loco”: Interactions between psychotic experiences and substance use as dimensional phenomena

2018: Karlsson Bodil, Judging question answerability

2018: Bergqvist Magnus, Using social norms in energy conservation interventions

2017: Norlin David, Mothers and fathers of children with developmental disabilities:Coparenting, well-being and empowerment

2017: Nowak Herawati, Parents of children with disabilities and their experiences of formal support

2017: van Veldhuizen Tanja, Where i come from and how i got here: Assessing credibility in asylum cases

2017: Geurts Renate, Interviewing to Assess and manage threats of violence

2017: Deeb Haneen, (In)Consistencies as Cues to Deception

2017: Brackmann Nathalie, Are children really the poorer eyewitnesses? An analysis of counterintuitive developmental trends in eyewitness memory

2017: Barbopoulos Isak, Seven dimensions of consumption

2017: Spjut Jansson Birgitta, Effects of Intensive Behavioural Treatment and a focused Imitation Intervention for young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - One plus One means More

2017: Järvholm Stina, “It is better to have tried, no matter what” Psychological perspectives on pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

2016: Zöller Madeleine, Attributes Modulating Affective Profiles in Psychiatric Patients

2016: Mc Hugh Elaine, Implementing a program for parents with intellectual disability in Sweden: A feasibility study

2016: Fahsing Ivar, The Making of an Expert Detective: Thinking and Deciding in Criminal Investigations

2016: Normarker Anki, Graffiti – For Joy and Confirmation
Motivational aspects, triggering and inhibiting factors, and emotional satisfactions in graffiti:
The creative-interactive dimension of vandalism

2016: Lilja Josefine, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Primary Care: Clinical Applications and Analysis of the Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ)

2016: Tekin Serra, Eliciting admissions from suspects in criminal investigations

2016: Rangmar Jenny, Fetal Alcohol syndrome in adulthood - Psychological, psychosocial, and neuropsychological aspects of life in individuals who were prenatally exposed to alcohol

2016: Mac Giolla Erik, Towards a theory of true and false intentions

2016: Willén Rebecca, Counting on the details: Inquiring into past events of cooperative interviewees

2016: Alfredsson Helen, Intimate partner violence: Beliefs and psychological predictors of intervention intentions among the Swedish general public

2016: Josefsson Weman Karin, You don’t have to love it – Exploring the mechanisms of exercise motivation using Self-determination theory in a digital context

2016: Praetorius Marcus, Bio-behavioral inquiries regarding cognitive aging and distance to death: The role of gender, APOE, grip strength and subjective memory

2016:Hildebrand Karlén, Malin, Alcohol-intoxicated witnesses to intimate partner violence: Memory performance and perception of aggression and guilt

2016:Moberg Oleszkiewicz, Simon, Eliciting human intelligence: A conceptualization and empirical testing of the Scharff technique

2015:Kajonius Petri: An Inquiry into Satisfaction and Variations in User-Oriented Elderly Care

2015:Kivi Marie: Internet-based Treatment of Depression in Primary Care: Effectiveness and Feasibility

2015:Hultmann Ole: Child Psychiatric Patients Affected by Intimate Partner Violence and Child Abuse – Disclosure, Prevalence and Consequences

2015:Wrede Olof: The Role of Emotions in Judgments of Crime Victims

2015: Geisler Martin: Competence, Styles, and Quality in Everyday Decision Making

2015: Gurdal Sevtap: Children and Parents - Attributions, Attitudes and Agency

2015: Sooniste Tuule: Discriminating Between True and False Intentions: Questions to Pose and Cues to Use

2015: Carlsson Johanna: Evolving identities: Contents and processes of identity development among people in their late twenties

2015: Carlander Anders: Trust as a strategy for handling uncertainty in private savings choices

2015: Schütz Erica :The Affective Profile Model: ill-being and well-being

2015: Rudolfsson Lisa : Walk with me: Pastoral care for victims of sexual abuse viewed through existential psychology

2014: Punzi Elisabeth:"Too much is never enough" Psychological studies of substance misuse and other excessive behaviors

2014: Sonesson Ove: Measures, interventions, and outcome: exploring, inpatient psychiatric care

2014: Hallberg Jonas: Adolescents in a Digital Everyday Environment

2014: Berne Sofia: Cyberbullying in Childhood and Adolescence - Assessment, Coping, and the Role of Appearance

2014: Hagsand Angelica: Alcohol intoxicated eye witnesses´memory

2014: Trönnberg Carl-Christian: How Do Bank Officers Make Lending Decisions? An Exploration of Thinking Styles, Cognitive Bias and Lending Technologies

2014: Bjälkebring Pär:Age Differences in Experience and Regulation of Affect

2014: Strand Jennifer:Without you there is no me. An interpersonal framing of psychosis

2013: Öhman Lisa: All Ears: Adult´s and Children´s Earwitness Testimony

2013: Massoudi Pamela: Depression and distress in Swedish fathers in the postnatal period: prevalence, correlates, identification and support

2013: Wängqvist Maria: That´s how people grow up: Identity formation emerging, adulthood

2013: Elf Mikael: User involvement in designing a web-based support system for young carers – inspiring views and systemic barriers

2013: Clemens Franziska: Detecting lies about past and future actions: The strategic use of evidence (SUE) technique and suspects´strategies

2013: Josefsson Torbjörn: Mindfulness:Relations to attention regulation, decentering and psychological well-being

2013: Buratti Sandra: Meta-metacognition: The regulation of confidence realsm in episodic and semantic memory

2013: Denti Leif: Leadership and innovation in R&D teams

2013: Guldberg-Kjär Taina: ADHD in Old Age: Self-rated Symptoms and Clinical Information from a Population-Based Swedish Sample Aged 65 to 80

2013: Viken Jo Inge: Visouspatial neglect and processing speed: importance of lateralized and non-lateralized symptoms as predictors of functional outcome after stroke

2013: Gattario Holmqvist Kristina: Body image in adolescence – trough the lens of culture and positive psychology

2013: Knieps Melanie: True and false intentions: Mental images of the future

2013: Staf Georgsson Anna:

2012: Helsing Marie: Everyday music listening: The importance of individual and situational factors for musical emotions and stress reduction

2012: Gunnarsson Mattias: Psychological factors associated with substance use in adolescents

2012: Grip Karin: The Damage Done Children Exposed to Initimate Partner Violence and their Mothers: Towards empirically based interventions in order to reduce negative health effects in children

2012: Boström Petra: Experiences of Parenthood and the Child with an Intellectual Disability

2012: Olsson Lisa: Leaderchip and Creativity in Research: Investigations of Leadership and Leader – Member Exchange (LMX) in Research Groups

2011: Wallgren Lars Göran: Motivation requested - Work motivation and the work environment of IT consultants

2011: Garcia Danilo: Adolescents ´Happiness: The Role of Affective Temperament Model on Memory and Apprehension of Events, Subjective Well-Being, and Psychological Well-Being

2011: Bohlin Margareta: Music and Risk in an existential and gendered world

2011: Hansla André: Value Orientation Awareness of Consequences and Environmental Concern

2011: Dewrang Petra: Asperger Syndrome: Social functioning in relation to behavioural and cognitive traits from infancy to young adulthood.

2011: Montgomery William: Human Value Structure and Emotions

2011: Jansson Magnus: Psychological Influences on Adoption of Socially Responsible

2011: Karilampi Ulla: Neurocognition in schizophrenia spectrum disorders

2011: Lindvall Johan: Aeronautical decision.making in context: influence of affect and experience on procedure violations

2010: Roos af Hjelmsäter, Emma: Children´s memory reports: The effect of co-witness influence

2010: Larsson, Billy: Therapists and their patients: Similarities and differences in attitudes between four psychotherapy oriantations in Sweden

2009: Berglund, Kristina: Socially stable alcoholics: What characterises them? Drinking patterns, personality and health aspects ofa psycosocial and clinical importance

2009: Lunde, Carolina: What people tell you gets to you. Body satisfaction and peer victimization in early adolescence

2009: Roos, John Magnus: Quality of personal assistance. Shaped by gorvernments, markets and corporations

2009: Andersson Arntén, Ann Christine: Partnership Relation Quality modulates the effects of work-stress on health

2009: Andersson, Maria: Social Infuence in Stock Markets

2009: Åsberg, Jakob: Literacy and comprehension in school-aged children: Studies on autism and other developmental disabilities

2008: Larsson, Maria: Reading, spelling and silent speech: Exploring literacy in children with severe speech and physical impairment

2008: Thorvaldsson, Valgeir: Change in variability in cognitive performance in old age. Effects of retest, terminal decline, and pre-clinical dementia

2008: Landström, Sara: CCTV, live and videotapes. How presentation mode affects the evaluation of witnesses

2008: Sundblad, Eva-Lotta: Peopes´knowledge about climate change: Uncertainty as a guide to future commitments

2008: Berg, Anne Ingeborg: Life satisfaction in late life. Markers and predictors of level and change among 80 year olds

2008: Olausson, Solveig: Kvinnor med substansmissbruk och psykisk ohälsa

2007: Kazemi, Ali: Distrubutive Preferences in Social Dilemmas

2007: Wästlund, Erik: Experimental studies of Human-computer interaction: Working memory and mental workload in complex cognition

2007: Johansson, Jan: Residential Care for Young People in Sweden

2007: Andersson, Bengt: Diversity in residektial care and treatment for young people in Sweden

2007: Axberg, Ulf: Assessing and Treating Three to twelve-Year-olds displaying Disruptive Behaviour problems

2007: Olsson, Lars: Effects of Certainty on Decision Making under Uncertainty: using Subsidies to Reduce Production of Environmentally Harmful Products

2007: Nilsson, Andreas: Psychological perspectives on environmental policy measures: The role of avalues, norms, and attitudes

2007: Leander, Lina: What sexually abused children remember and report: Minding the gap

2007: Meristo, Marek: Mental representation and language access: evidence from deaf children with different language backrounds

2007: Strid, Karin: Memory, attention and interaction in early development. Exploring individual differences among typical children and children with autism

2007: Allard, Karin: Toward a Working Life. Solving the work-family dilemma

2006: Hedesström, M. Ted: The psychology of diversification: novice investors´ ability to spread risks

2006: Larsman, Pernilla: On the relation between psychosocial work environment and musculoskeletal symptoms: A structural equation modeling approach.

2006: Ray, Jeremy: Temperament - a psychobiological approach to Harm Avoidance and Novelty Seeking

2006: Ask, Karl: Criminal Investigation: Motivation, Emotion and Cognition in the Processing of Evidence

2006: Widén E. Stephen: Noise and Music – A Matter of Risk Perception?

2006: Horneman, Göran: Head Injury in Childhood. Cognitive Outcome and health-related Quality of Life

2006: Winblad, Stefan: Myotonic dystrophy type 1. Cognitive, personality and emotion

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2005: Goulding, Anneli: Mental Health Aspects of Paranormal and Psi Related Experiences

2005: Falkman, W. Kerstin: Communicating Your Way to a Theory of Mind:

2005: Wentz, Kerstin: Fibromyalgia and self-regulatory patterns. Development, maintenance or recovery in women

2005: Larsson, Anneli: Interviewing child witnesses

2005: Loukopoulos, Peter: Future urban sustainable mobility: Implementing and understanding the impacts of policies designed to reduce private automobile usage

2005: Nonås, Kathe: Vision versus reality in organizational change

2005: Ekeroth, Kerstin: Psychological problems in adolescents a young women with eating disturbances

2005: Sorbring, Emma: Girls’ and Boys’ Views of Conflicts with Parents

2005: Gamble, Amelie: Perception of Value of Money in Unfamiliar Currencies

2005: Marmendal, Maarit: Maternal Separation in the Rat. Long-term Effects of Early Life Events on Emotionality, drug Response and Neurobiology

2005: Hartwig, Maria: Interrogating to detect deception and truth: Effects of strategic use of evidence

2004: Wigren Margareta: Psychiatric problems in Prader-Willi syndrome: Symptom development and clinical management

2004: Adelbratt, Thomas: Everyday notions of good decision making: Theoretical and practical implications

2004: Jacobsson, Cecilia: Motivational and Volitional Control of Private Automobile Use

2004: Oburu, Paul: Social Adjustment of Kenyan Orphaned Grandchildren, Perceived Caregiving Stresses and Discipline Strategies used by their Fostering Grandmothers

2004: B Olsson, Malin: Parents of Children with Intellectual Disabilities

2004: Lundén, Karin: Att identifiera omsorgssvikt hos förskolebarn

2004: Jutengren, Göran: Dealing with Intergenerational Disagreements: Parental Authority in Swedish Families

2004: Johansson, Lars-Olof: Goal Conflicts in Decisions to Allocate Resources

2004: Lindqvist, Ann-Sophie: Nandrolone Decanoate, Behaviour and Brain: Animal Experimental Studies

2004: Arvidsson, Hans: After the 1995 Swedish Mental Health Care Reform- a follow-up study of a group of severely mentally ill

2003: Lundblad, Suzanna: Aspects of psychotherapy emotional experiences and personal development

2003: Widenberg, Lennart: Psykosocial forskningsmiljö och vetenskaplig produktivitet

2003: Brink, Eva: To be stricken with first-time myocardial infarction: From acute symptoms to early readjustment in women and men

2003: Lundgren, Jesper: Dental Fear. Psychophysiology, cognition and behaviour

2003: Kristensson, Per: Creativity in Applied enterprise: Bringing Impetus to Innovation

2003: Svensson, Idor: Phonological dyslexia cognitive, behavioural and Hereditary aspects

2003: Juliusson, Asgeir: Studies in Escalation of Investment Decisions

2003: Möller, Kristiina: Partner relationships During the Life-Course

2003: Kjellgren Anette: The Experience of flotation –REST (restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique): Consciousness, Creativity, Subjective Stress and Pain

2002: von Borgstede, Chris: The impact of norms in social dilemmas

2002: Tidefors Andersson, Inga: Från barndom till brott. Om 20 män dömda för sexuella övergrepp mot 38 barn

2002: Dahlgren, SvenOlof: Why does the bus stop when I am not getting off?

2002: Thunberg, Kerstin: Practical pain management: Professional an organisational perspectives

2002: Västfjäll, Daniel: Mood and preference for anticipated emotions

2002: Stadler, Karin: Psychological assessment of candidates to the catholic priesthood

2002: Miller Guron, Louise: Aspects of cross-linguistic influence in phonological processing

2002: Grankvist, Gunne: Determinants of choice of eco-labeled products

2001: Jacobsson, Christian: Managing human service organizations

2001: Johansson, Åsa: Neuropsychological studies on alcohol consumption, effective behavior and impulsivity

2001: Rapp Ricciardi, Max: Projektpsykologi. Produktutveckling ur människans perspektiv.

2001: Swerlander, Agneta: Imitation in early childhood

2001: Pousette, Anders: Feedback and stress in human service organizations

2001: Strömwall, Leif: Deception Detection: Moderating factors and accuracy

2000: Söderpalm, Anna: Taste hedonics and the intake of alcohol and food

2000: Friman, Margareta: Effects of critical incidents on consumer satisfaction

2000: Kulich, Károly: Interpersonal skills in the dentist-patient relationship. The art of dentistry.

2000: Veisson, Marika: Disabled children. The psychological status of parents and the social network of siblings.

2000: Boe, Ole: Factors affecting integration of outcomes of concurrent decisions.

2000: Nevonen, Lauri: Emergence, assessment and treatment of eating disorders

2000: Wide Boman, Ulla: Turner Syndrome. Psychological and social aspects of a sex-chromosome disorders.

1999: Kylén, Sven: Interaktionsmönster i arbetsgrupper – offensiva och defensiva handlingsrutiner

1999: Eek, Daniel: Distributive justice and cooperation in real-life social dilemmas

1999: Gustafsson, Mathias: Explanations of effects of resource uncertainty in social dilemmas

1998: Ullstadius, Eva: Exploring early imitation

1998: Hellström, Christina: Subjective time and temporality in conditions of pain

1998: Ingelgård, Anders: On macroergonomics and learning strategies in improving working conditions

1998: Nilsson, Sven-Erik: Barns beslutsfattande under säkerhet och risk

1998: Karlsson, Niklas: Influences of prior outcomes on intertemporal choices

1998: Lindahl B, Lisbeth: Gender and age related developmenal processes during infancy

1998: Hassing, Linda: Episodic memory functioning in nonagenarians. Effects of demographic factors, vitamin status, depression and dementia.

1998: Tjus, Tomas: Language and literacy acquisition in children with developmental and learning disabilities

1998: degl´Innocenti, Alessio: Source memory and executive functioning. Influences of normal aging, depression and serotonergic activity.

1998: Johansson-Hidén, Birgitta: Analyzing talk in the workplace group: Dynamics, dominance and coherence

1998: Erling, Ann: Psychological development in children of short stature

1997: Kalén, Tomas: Usability in context. A psychological and social pragmatic perspective.

1997: Taft, Charles: Generality aspects of color naming and color meaning.

1997: Bergman, Bodil: Women among men. Gender-related stress and health hazard affecting women in a male-dominated industry.

1997: Norlander, Torsten: Alcohol and the creative process. Frameworks of influence by alcohol upon creative performance.

1997: Fransson, Niklas: The experience of immoral events.

1997: Romanus, Joakim: Principles for integration of prior outcomes in risky decisions.

1997: Kristensen, Henrik: Anchor points and reference points in negotiations.

1997: Samuelsson, Hans: Visuospatial neglect: Attentional deficits and anatomical correlates.

1997: Almquist, Kjerstin: Refugee children. Effects of organised violence and forced migration on young children´s psychological health and development.

1996: Nordström-Erlandsson, Berit: Risk and resilience during the neonatal period.

1996: Nilzon, Kjell R.: Childhood depressive disorders: Social withdrawal, anxiety and familiar aspects.

1996: Jansson, Bengt: Behavioural aspects of computer based assistive technology for the visually impaired.

1996: H. Bergvall, Åsa: Aggressive behaviour in the rat: Neuroendocrine determinants and relationship to voluntary alcohol consumption.

1996: Tunsäter, Alf: Psychosocial factors in newly diagnosed bronchial asthma.

1996: Granhag, Pär Anders: Realism in confidence judgements of semantic and episodic knowledge.

1996: Dahlgren Sandberg, Annika: Literacy abilities in nonvocal children with celebral palsy.

1996: Wickberg, Birgitta: Postnatal depression. Prevalence, identification and treatment.

1995: Innala, Sune: Structure and development of homophobia.

1995: Ernulf, Kurt: Sexual attraction and its variants.

1994: Fahlke, Claudia: Alcohol consumption in the rat: modulation by adrenal steroids and mesotelencephalic dopamine.

1994: Johansson, Jan Å: Psychological factors at work and their relation to musculoskeletal symptoms.

1994: Willén, Helena: The child-bearing decision: Motivational aspects, process characteristics and consequences of the decision.

1994: Selart, Marcus: Preference reversals in judgement and choice: The prominence effect.

1993: Fors, Zelma: Obalans i makt. Fallstudier av barn-mobbning.

1993: Vega Matuszczyk, Josefa: The differentiation of sexual behaviour and partner preferences of the male rat.

1992: Hallberg, Lillemor: Hearing impairment, coping and perceived handicap in middle-aged individuals with acquired hearing loss: An interactional perspective.

1991: Thorslund, Christer: A dimensional model of family functioning and dysfunctioning.

1991: Eriksson-Mangold, Maud: Adaptation to acquired hearing loss. The handicap experience and its determinants.

1991: Persson, Olle: Att leva som småföretagare. En studie om företagande, livssituation och stress

1991: Hemlin, Sven: Quality in Science. Researchers' conceptions and judgements.

1990: Torell, Gunilla: Children's conception of large-scale environments.

1990: Erlandsson, Soly: Tinnitus: Tolerance or threat? Psychological and psychophysiological perspectives.

1989: Broberg, Anders: Child care and early development; A longitudinal study of child care, and its effects on child development.

1989: Dahlgren, Lena: Effects of perinatal alcohol exposure on reproductive behaviours and behavioral development in rats.

1988: Adrianson, Lillemor: Psychological studies of attitudes to and use of computer-mediated communication.

1988: Persson, Lars-Olof: Mood and expectation.

1988: Olsson, Gudrun: The patient-therapist relation with emphasis on transference and counter-transference.

1988: Hedelin, Lisbeth: The form/content distinction in preschoolers' spoken communication, with some observations on its relevance to literacy.

1988: Währborg, Peter: After stroke. Behavioural changes and therapeutic interventions in aphasics and their relatives following stroke.

1985: Möller, Anders: Psykologiska aspekter på infertilitet.

1985: Johansson, Boo: Memory and memory measurement in old age. Memory structure, context and metamemory.

1984: Aronson, Marita: Children of alcoholic mothers.

1984: Esbjörnsson, Eva: Personlighet och smärta. Psykologiska faktorers betydelse för arbetsåtergång hos patienter med kroniska ländryggsbesvär.

1984: Svensson, Lennart: Monoaminergic neurotransmission and behaviour. Serotonergic and dopaminergic mechanisms in the mediation of sexual behaviour and an acoustic startle response in the male rat as evaluated by means of ergot and ergotlike drugs.

1983: Biel, Anders: Children's spatial knowledge of their home environment.

1983: Larsson, Gerry: Labelling and identity: The case of public labelling in late adolescence and self-labelling processes. (Consequence of public labelling in late adolescence on identity.)

1983: Hjelmquist, Elisabeth: Psychological aspects of classification and abstraction in aphasics.

1982: Norrgren, Flemming: Managements attitudes towards participation.

1982: Allwood, Carl-Martin: Knowledge, technique and detection of errors in statistical problem solving.

1982: Sökjer-Petersen, Marianne: Den primärkommunala socialvårdens organisation.

1982: Palmérus, Kerstin: Psychological aspects of infants with low rate of weight gain.

1982: Herloff, Birgitta: Orsaker bakom en sjukfrånvaroökning.

1982: Blomkvist, Anna-Christina: Undersökning rörande effekten av grafisk resp. Numerisk presentation av sannolikhet.

1981: Rödholm, Margareta: Early mother-infant and father-infant interaction.

1981: Ekberg, Per Håkan: A model of natural reasoning with syllogisms.

1981: Hwang, Carl-Philip: Parent-infant interaction during the first eight months of life.

1980: Appel, Claus-Peter: On individual differences in diurnal rhythm: Assessment and practical significance.

1980: Frankenberg, Ken: Fritid i en kommun. Studie av motiv för val av fritids- och friluftsaktiviteter.

1980: Fasth, Bengt-Göran: En jämförelse mellan Bromazepam och Thioridazin i samband med terapeutisk behandling av neuroser. Psykofarmakologisk effektevaluering.

1980: Hansen, Stefan: The neuroendocrine control of lordosis behaviour in the rat.

1980: Lindberg, Dick: Management of schizophrenia. Long-term clinical studies with special reference to the combination of psychotherapy with depot neuroleptics.

1979: Dahlöf, Lars-Gösta: Sensory stimulation and masculine sexual behaviour of the male rat.

1979: Berg, Stig: Psychological functioning in 70- and 75-year-old-people.

1978: Ben-Menachem, Michael: Relaxation and its clinical application.

1978: Gerdner, Mattias: Psykologiska reaktioner vid datorisering.

1978: Svensson, Erland: Mood: its structure and measurements.

1977: Eriksson, Carl-Gunnar: On the psychophysiology of heart rhythms.

1977: Salay, Ferenc: Measurements of cathectic energies in normal and neurotic personalities.

1977: Carlsson, Sven G: Biofeedback in the treatment of tension. Applications in dentistry.

1976: Andersson, Gösta: Towards a unifying theory of assertiveness. Empirical studies of the construct of assertiveness with theoretical implications for treatment of neurotic disorders.

1976: Werthén, Hans-Erik: Sjömannen och hans yrke - en socialpsykologisk under-sökning av trivsel och arbetsförhållanden på svenska handelsfartyg.

1975: Wallin, Torbjörn: Beteendemodifikation och studieaktivitet på låg- och mellanstadiet.

1975: Johansson, Marianne: Influence of treatment and change of climate in women with rheumatic arthritis. A controlled prospective study of psychological, medical and social effects.

1975: Örtendahl, Monica: Studies in delay processes.

1975: Montgomery, Henry: Direct scaling: Category scales, magnitude scales and their relation.

1975: Brenner, Sten-Olof: Formal structure of messages and discourse related to personality.

1975: Hjelmquist, Erland: Functions of messages and discourses related to personality in dyadic communication

1974: Södersten, Per: Studies on the hormonal regulation of masculine sexual behaviour patterns in female and male rats.

1974: Frodi, Ann: On the elicitation and control of aggressive behavior.

1974: Sivik, Lars: Studies of color-meaning.

1974: Fällström, Kerstin: On the personality structure of diabetic school-children. Aged 7-15 years.

1974: Ahlenius, Sven: Neurochemical control of behaviours. On the functional significance of druginduced changes in central catecholomine receptor activation.

1974: Hård, Ernest: Drickningsmönstret hos råtta och dess modulering genom smak och tidigare erfarenhet.

1974: Schaller, Joseph: The relation between geographic mobility and school behaviour.

1973: Gordan, Kurt: Behandlingsforskning på en ungdomsvårdsinstitution.

1972: Fhanér, Stig: Item sampling models for achievement testing.

1970: Löwenhard, Percy: Beiträge zur Filteranalyse des menschlichen Enzephalogramms.

1967: Jerkdal, Åke: Top management education

1967: Adolfson, John: Human performance and behaviour in hyperbaric environments.

1967: Helander, Jan: On age and mental test behaviour.

1966: Holley, Jasper W: Studies related to Q-R factoring.

1964: Alin, Lars H.: Experimental studies in verbal versus figural learning and retention.

1963: Rubenowitz, Sigvard: Emotional flexibility-rigidity as a comprehensive dimension of mind. An empirical study of a construct, and its psychological and social implications.

1958: Stukat, Karl-Gustaf: Suggestibility. A factorial and experimental analysis.

1956: Sandels, Stina: Utvecklingspsykologiska beteendestudier hos barn i åldern 1 1/2 - 8 1/2 år.

1956: Franklin, Erik: Tonality a basis for the study of musical talent.

1956: Larsson, Knut: Conditioning and sexual behaviour in the male albino rat.

1953: Ögren, Gustaf: Trends in English teachers´ training from 1800. A survey and an investigation.

1952: Magne, Olof: Perception and learning. Experimental studies in the similarities and dissimilarities between perception and learning tests.

1952: Wictorin, Mauritz: Bidrag till räknefärdighetens psykologi. En tvillingundersökning.

1951: Björsjö, Märta: Om spatial, teknisk och praktisk begåvning. Bidrag till en kvalitativ och kvantitativ analys.

1950: Trankell, Arne: Vänsterhänthet hos barn i skolåldern.

1949: Källén, Elov: Uppmärksamhetsförloppens psykologi. En översikt och experimentella bidrag.

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