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Two siluetts walking across an empty plaza in EUR, Rome.
Foto: Nina Romanus

HERILAND: EU financed research school

The EU Marie Curie ITN program finances a new research school with a focus on heritage and landscape: HERILAND. The graduate school comprises 15 new PhD students, two of which will be based at the Department of Conservation at the University of Gothenburg and included in CCHS (Centre for Critical heritage Studies) cluster Curating the City. The research school comprises international workshops and courses, including two so-called Living Labs in Newcastle and Rome.

The purpose of HERILAND is to educate a new generation scholars, policy makers, practitioners, professionals and entrepreneurs for transdisciplinary and sector transgressing planning of heritage and landscape. The aim is to find tools and approaches that enhance social inclusion while working for social, economic and culturally sustainable landscapes. The research school embraces academic institutions from seven countries and a large number of collaborators such as museums, heritage institutions, companies and authorities.

HERILAND has been awarded 40 million SEK (4 milj EUR) and will be coordinated by CLUE+ at VU Amsterdam.

Read more about the project on the website: https://www.heriland.eu/