Göteborgs universitet

Eirini Konstantinou: Parallel Reality - a Freaky Freaky Broadcast

I know you are desperate to trust. PR is a project that negotiate’s trust. When society is at the edge of a bottomless pit we choose to present a fictional news bulletin based on reality where “we are all both innocent and guilty.” Can you trust us?

Ett svart-vitt kollage av ansikten
Foto: Eirini Konstantinou

Short description

This will be a performance based on a fictional news bulletin. Fake news will be the main topic, but each one of them has their roots on reality. The right way to present the situation, that is going to happen, using a phrase is “distorted reality”. 

Manifesto texts linked to chorus words of ancient tragedies that are of great concern to the current world situation will be also included. The presenters of this strange cabaret will be two symbolic-characters. These two creatures has two special features “different point of view to the same topics” it is like different sides of the same coin.

Project Statement

PR is a performance that is the dialogue between two diametrically opposed forces. Be-tween two worlds two people symbolically confront their views on life, defending their beliefs or at least what they think they believe according to their interests.
Τhese two figures unravel the thread of current affairs. Distorted news, exaggerated just to avoid darkness and depression but still make a political statement out of this. 
Manipulation is also of course the goal. Who will attract more people? Which of the two will gain the trust of the public.

A stage, two chairs, a desk, a general lighting. A video projection will likely display distorted world. There will nevertheless be a differentiation in the characters. Those who pursue political interests will have their mouths painted black. Those who defend justice will have big dark circles around their eyes. These figures compose a large dark figure, the figure of today's reality. A reality that sails in time and who knows where it will end up and if its victims are at the same time perpetrators.