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Här kan du läsa om AgeCaps avhandingar sedan 2014.


Jenna Najar (EPINEP)
Risk factors for dementia. Lifestyle, hormones, neurochemistry, and genetics

Maya Arvidsson Rådestig (EPINEP)
Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers and cognition in older adults

Mats Ribbe (EPINEP)
Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia in population-based studies

Maria Hoff (EPINEP)
Hearing in early old age: current perspectives


Johan Skoog (Lifelab)
Sleep and cognition in old age: Birth cohort differences, dementia, and biomarkers of Alzheimer´s disease

Theresa Westgård (FRESH)
Comprehending the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment. Feasibility, outcomes and experiences of frail older people

Therese Rydberg Sterner: (EPINEP)
Depression among Swedish 70-year-olds. Sex differences from a gender perspective

Ellen Lindell
Dizziness and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo among older adults - health-related quality of life and associated factors


Jacob Stålhammar: (Kognitionsstörande sjukdomar hos vuxna)
Precision in neuropsychology. Four challenges when using simplified assumptions 

Isabelle Hansson: (Lifelab)
Retirement and Life Satisfaction: A Resource-Based Dynamic Perspective

Tobias Skillbäck (NEUROCHEM):
Biochemical markers in dementia - Exploring Swedish registry data and the human proteome 

Georg Henning (Lifelab):
Change and Continuity in Psychological Health Across the Retirement Transition: Interindividual Differences and Post-Retirement Adjustment

Johan Nilsson (EPINEP):
Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and anxiety symptoms in older adults

Caroline Hasselgren (LEXLIV):
Inequity in Mind. On the Social and Genetic Risk Factors of Dementia and their Interactions


Angela Bångsbo (FRESH):
Collaborative challenges in integrated care: Untangling the preconditions for collaboration and frail older people's participation

Peter Karlsson (ADA-Gero):
Birth cohort differences in cognitive aging: Secular trends in cognitive functioning and decline over 30 years in three population-based Swedish samples

Annikki Arola (FRESH):
Capturing the experience of health among persons aging in a migration context - Health promotion interventions as means to enable health and occupations in daily life 


Emmelie Barenfeld (FRESH):
How to support knowing and doing in promotion of health - Lessons learned from the Promoting Aging Migrants' Capabilities program

Marcus Praetorius Björk (ADA-Gero):
Bio-behavioral inquiries regarding cognitive aging and distance to death: The role of gender, APOE, grip strength and subjective memory


Daniel Jaraj (EPINEP):
Epidemiology of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus - Prevalence, Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Prognosis

Iolanda Tavares Silva (FRESH):
The dynamic nature of participation - Experiences, strategies and conditions for occupations in daily life amongst persons with late effects of polio 


Nils Beckman (EPINEP):
Epidemiological studies if sexuality in old age

Qarin Lood (FRESH):
Discovering the capabilities of ageing persons who are born abroad

Isabelle Ottenvall Hammar (FRESH):
Navigating Towards a Self-determined Daily Life in Old Age

Thorsteinn Gislason (EPINEP):
Frontotemporal dementia among the elderly

Robert Sigström (EPINEP):
Psychiatric symptoms and disorders in old age: prevalence, course and diagnostic thresholds 


Helena Hörder (EPINEP):
Successful ageing with a focus on fitness and physical activity

Madeleine Mellqvist Fässberg (EPINEP):
Suicidal behavior in late life

Pär Bjälkebring (ADA-Gero):
Age Differences in Experience and Regulation of Affect

Christina Ekelund (FRESH):
Being an agent in ones’ own life. How self-determination can be understood, perceived and evaluated in a context of community living frail older persons 

Zahra Ebrahimi (FRESH):
Frail elders´experiences of health: A combination of qualitative and quantitative studies with a salutogenic perspective

Helen Berglund (FRESH):

Quality in the continuum of care for frail older persons - Structure, process and outcome