Göteborgs universitet
En folksamling vandrar längs en hamn vid Medelhavet

Valentina Paraskevaidou: We are all immigrants – we are all in Crisis

A participatory event in Gothenburg. This event is a mirror performance of a live action presented in Greece in December 2015. It is a collective walk from the Opera House of Gothenburg to the Poseidon Statue – an artistic solidarity demonstration against xenophobia, racism, discrimination and helplessness that are spreading across Europe in the wake of the Crisis. In collaboration with Professor Sten Källman & students from the Folk/World Music Faculty.

We have only

one sea to swim,

one land to inhabit,

one dead person to grieve for.

No matter how many oceans we split

No matter how many countries we divide

No matter how many victims we kill

They will be only pieces

of one body.

The Bride of Thermaicus* / The Project

A realization journey from ourselves to ourselves

My project includes a series of street live art performances in Thessaloniki and Gothenburg. Its subject is the Crisis in Europe (financial, cultural, social, ethical) and some relevant phenomena such as violence, immigration and alienation. Its methodological core consists of collective silent walks in an artivistic perspective.

* The gulf of Thessaloniki. In the past the city was given the name the Bride of Thermaicus from which the creation of my central character was inspired, the walker – a symbol of the citizens’ soul.

Valentina Paraskevaidou

Valentina Paraskevaidou is a director, actress, poet, theatre teacher and founding member of the Artistic Company SourLiBooM. She studied Psychology (BA) (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) and Theatre Directing (MA) (University of Essex, UK & GITIS University, Russia).