Göteborgs universitet
Ett geometriskt mönster dubbelexponerat på en bild av trädtoppar

Indra Linderoth: OFF HIGHWAY

SCREAM of LOVE An exploration; a mapping; a resistor story

Manifesto: work with risk in your everyday practice, be uncomfortable, make yourself vulnerable, love as many and as much as possible, be angry, speak up, try to act in solidarity, create platforms for meetings, save our commons, be generous, share as much as possible, be abnormal, fuck up the system, gather every fuck up and scream, scream of love.

flickering around. bubbles in my chest. it’s a strange time we live in. everything feels intrusive. I’m telling her about things I’ve been thinking about. to exist together in a vibrating-no-clue. how our thoughts and desires have been gentrified. how that makes it impossible to trust your feelings. that your fears are real but don’t belong to you, they are produced. shaped by the culture we live in. how one gets paranoid and scared to death by two men walking fast through the subway after the police increased the security level from 4 to 5, how it’s a racist reaction, and still you were afraid. how we try to open up our relationship and love more. how I react as if I’m loosing you, as if everything is falling apart. how I know it’s not true but have to deal with it anyway, how it creeps under my skin, rushes around in a vibrating mess. how that’s norms breaking. to loose track of what’s true or false, to handle fears, to change the scale of value, means retraining your muscles. new patterns of thought equals sore muscles and create a feeling of cramps and vibration. we have to find a way to stay in this chaotic vibration together. breaking down and demolishing is something beautiful but if one can’t feel or see the beauty it becomes a threat and one ends up in defense, therefor confusion. the gut tells you to run and then you have to find a way to stay. in this vibrating open existence, all feelings are close at all times.

I am a fictional space for new possibilities

I am an opportunity for exorcism of oppressive norms and/or thought structures

I am sounds; voices; choirs; rhythms; vibrations

I am a longing
 I am a mind (body) that is collective and free 
I am mobilization

I am a shared intimate space 
I am embodied displaced experiences

I am conversations in a collective form 
I am a parenthesis to step in to

I am distortion; sidewalks; fluids

I am a breathing resistance 
I am adding fuels to the flames

I am a moved horizon


the darkness descends to show me the world

A spatial sound piece;
an attempt to transform the boundaries of reality and
extend the present through a wordless voice-journey
and luminous tape.

in collaboration with Nina Jeppsson

Indra Linderoth

A love leaking Amazon; interdisciplinary artist with a BA in acting from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts; one of the co-founders of the performance collective TIR and Jordbro Stadsteater.