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Ett antal personer i djurmasker

Camilla Ekelöf's Attempts – In your gaze who do I become?

I am using my own identity and practice as a filter in order to understand society as well as making society understand itself.

My identity is clear. I am white, middle-aged, Swedish, privileged, woman, fiancé, traveller, stepmother, dance practitioner and choreographer. I see the world from this position with my life experience as a base. My interest in human behavior is there in the background. I want to bring up injustice, exclusion, threat and empathy from an equal rights perspective.

I am challenging myself to be the performer, in order to make a shift in my own practice. I will investigate what happens from the inside and out while producing. I will not be the master of the situation to control it; I will be in it. It is when I do that I understand what I do. I am a movement practitioner.

This will be an experiment with many outcomes. It cannot be rehearsed. I am the observer as well as the object. The observation will happen in the moment. By intuition I will direct myself. This is an attempt to make others see from which standpoint they see what they see.

It is a matter of choices and decisions. The choreography is an ongoing process in public space and it will change when I enter. By posing and exposing myself in disguise with this new identity I hope to challenge codes and norms.

There are many layers of each one of us to be seen. It is up to every viewer to relate and analyse what they experience. We are afraid these days. But what is the real threat?

Team Text: Kamera and Film by Harald Nilsson. Radio Play by Johan Svensson. Sound collage by Tomas Elfstadius. Thanks to Regionteater Väst for props, stage clothes and technical equipment.
Supervisors: Cecilia Lagerström & Björn Säfsten.
Email: camillaekelof@hotmail.com