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Benedikte Esperi inSITEout

It's about being present and curious, playing with risk and trust at the same time, mirroring not only the society but also the representation of a political body in a shared space.

In my practice I explore and expose sites that are unique, interesting and challenging especially if they are beyond comfort zones. My body is the object and the subject in my practice. I'm using it as a tool to experience, interpret and perform the environment by using different medias where movement and filming are main tools.

"inSITEout" is a SOLO site & body specific performance applied and transformed with a montage of modules. By using this method it's possible to make a performance host my multidisciplinary practice. My body is exposed in different ways.

"inSITEout" is a personal, penetrating and sometimes unpredictable experience where the clash of the artistic intention, the specific site and the audience becomes unique at every occasion. The audience becomes the object as well as the subject while they, during one hour, experience different rooms and moods.

This is not an authored story. Stories that might occur are within the spectator and reveal the multitude of how we experience the world and our role within it.

This performance is
Hosted by Stefan Karlsson + Cadena Fastigheter AB
Presented by Fia Adler Sandblad
Technical supervision Tobias Kjerstadius
Choreographic supervision Kimberly Karpanty (USA)
Site specific supervision Staffan Mossenmark
Choreography / Music / Sound / Video / Staging and props / Costume: Benedikte Esperi

Benedikte Esperi

Gothenburg based independent artist with her practice from dance, instant composition, improvisation and live art / performance. Recently her work was presented in Chicago, Paris, Barcelona and several festivals, venues and exhibitions in Sweden. Public spaces are often her focus as well as odd spaces. She is a lecturer in dance at the University of Gothenburg.