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EM Specimen Preparation Equipment

CCI offers several EM sample preparation techniques. Our users can select between two options: Either the sample preparation is done by the EM staff as a service, or the user can get access to the lab space and sample preparation equipment.

To get access to our sample perparation lab space and equipment, the user first has to go through a proper training on the desired techniques and the related equipment.

Read more about the specimen preparation techniques. For more information about the specimen preparation service or training, please contact the CCI staff (preferably using cci@gu.se).

Sample fixation and processing

High pressure freezer - Cryocapcell HPM Live µ

The Cryocapcell HPM Live µ high pressure freezer is designed for ultra-fast freezing of biological samples for electron microscopy.

Feeze substitution - Leica EM AFS2

The Leica EM AFS2 is a very convenient instrument to perform freeze substitution (FS) and progressive lowering of temperature (PLT) in an uncomplicated, inexpensive and safe way, leading to perfect results.

Leica EM automated microwave processor (AMW)

Microwave-assisted processing can in some cases improve preparation quality and speed it up. The microwaves accelerate reagent penetration and reducing the time the specimen is exposed to the reagents and therefore occurrence of artefacts.  The Leica EM AMW processor is furthermore automatised. The user loads specimens into processor baskets and prepares up to 20 reagent vials which are then automatically lifted into the specimen chamber. The instrument can be used without applying microwaving, solely as an automated processor for ultrastructure as well as immuno applications. 

Plunge freezer - Thermo Fisher Scientific Vitrobot™

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Vitrobot™ is an automated and user-friendly plunge freezer for vitrifying particulate samples and cells for cryo-electron microscopy. 

Critical point drier - QUORUM K850

The QUORUM K850 Critical Point Drier utilises the low surface tension of carbon dioxide during its transition from liquid to gas state to dry specimens for SEM without causing surface artefacts. 

Sectioning Equipment

RMC PowerTomePC with AtumTOME and ASH

Our PowerTomePC is equipped with an automated tape collection system for serial sections (AtumTOME) and an advanced substrate holder (ASH). AtumTOME is suitable for relatively large block face sizes and allows collection of hundreds and thousands of sections in a fully automated manner. The sections are picked up by and mounted on spooling capton tape. ASH allows collection of shorter ribbons of smaller sections directly on conductive wafers and glass slides. You can learn more in the specimen preparation section (link to sectioning for array tomography page) of our webpage.

Ultramicrotome - Leica EM UC6

The Ultramicrotome Leica EM UC6 with cryo-system device, for ultrathin sectioning of plastic-embedded specimens and cryo samples.

Ultramicrotome - Reichart Ultracut E

The Ultramicrotome Reichart Ultracut E is used for ultrathin sectioning of biological plastic specimens.

Vibratome Leica VT 1000S

It is crucial that specimens prepared for EM are not too thick to allow the fastest possible diffusion of reagents into all areas of specimen. Vibratome allows controlled fragmentation of hydrated specimen by sectioning it with a vibrating metal blade leading to reduced compression compared with manual dissection. The user can set cutting speed and thickness as well as vibration frequency.

Substrate and specimen surface modification

Sputter coater - Quorum Q150T E 

The Quorum Sputter Coater Q150T E is a compact turbomolecular-pumped coating system suitable for SEM, TEM and many thin film applications. It combines both a high resolution sputter and high vacuum carbon coater.

Glow discharge - Quorum GloCube Plus

The Quorum GloCube Plus glow discharge is used to create either a hydrophobic or hydrophilic, negatively or positively charged specimen support surface in 4 different combinations. The dual chamber ensures clean environment for the most commonly used in-air glow discharge while allowing various chemical modifications for special applications. 

Other small equipment

Our lab is also equipped with 3 centrifuges with adaptors for various sizes of tubes as well as a water bath.