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Vetenskapliga artiklar

Kontinuerligt uppdaterad lista över alla peer-reviewed artiklar som publicerats av våra GNC-forskare.


Zhou, Z., Lo, C. K. M., Chan, K. L., Chung, R. S. Y., Pell, J. P., Minnis, H., . . . Ho, F. K. 2023. Child maltreatment and telomere length in middle and older age: retrospective cohort study of 141 748 UK Biobank participants. Br J Psychiatry, 1-5.

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Wright, B., Fearon, P., Garside, M., Tsappis, E., Amoah, E., Glaser, D., . . . Mchale, M. 2023. Routinely used interventions to improve attachment in infants and young children: a national survey and two systematic reviews. Health Technol Assess, 27, 1-226.

Wong, B. H., Cross, S., Zavaleta-Ramírez, P., Bauda, I., Hoffman, P., Ibeziako, P., . . . Ougrin, D. 2023. Self-Harm in Children and Adolescents Who Presented at Emergency Units During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An International Retrospective Cohort Study. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry.

Wallin, K., Wallin, U., Wentz, E., Råstam, M. & Johnsson, P. 2023. A comparison between young males and females with anorexia nervosa in a clinical setting. Nord J Psychiatry, 77, 91-95.

Vitrac, A., Leblond, C. S., Rolland, T., Cliquet, F., Mathieu, A., Maruani, A., . . . Bourgeron, T. 2023. Dissecting the 22q13 region to explore the genetic and phenotypic diversity of patients with Phelan-McDermid syndrome. Eur J Med Genet, 66, 104732.

Turner, F., Kainth, G., Macdonald, S., O'connor, R., Crawford, K. & Minnis, H. 2023. "I will commit to this child as much as I can for the time that they are with me:" A qualitative examination of how foster carer commitment relates to short-term foster care for young children following abuse and neglect. Child Abuse Negl, 135, 105983.

Thorsson, M., Galazka, M. A., Hajjari, P., Fernell, E., Delafield-Butt, J., Gillberg, C., . . . Hadjikhani, N. 2023. A novel tablet-based motor coordination test performs on par with the Beery VMI subtest and offers superior temporal metrics: findings from children with pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome. Exp Brain Res.

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Stübner, C., Ebel, M., Jakobsson, K., Gillberg, C., Nielsen, C. & Miniscalco, C. 2023. Developmental language disorders in preschool children after high exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances from contaminated drinking water in Ronneby, Sweden. Environ Epidemiol, 7, e233.

Schön, M., Pablo, L., Julián, N., Mattina, T., Gunnarsson, C., Hadzsiev, K., . . . Hennekam, R. C. 2023. Definition and clinical variability of SHANK3-related Phelan-McDermid syndrome. Eur J Med Genet, 104754.

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Perregaard, S., Jørgensen, R. W. & Landgren, M. 2023. Complications After Volar Locking Plate Fixation of Distal Radius Fractures: A Retrospective Study of 822 Patients. J Hand Surg Am.

Pan, P. Y., Taylor, M. J., Larsson, H., Almqvist, C., Lichtenstein, P., Lundström, S. & Bölte, S. 2023. Genetic and environmental contributions to co-occurring physical health conditions in autism spectrum condition and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Mol Autism, 14, 17.

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Kopp, S., Asztély, K. S., Landberg, S., Waern, M., Bergman, S. & Gillberg, C. 2023. Girls With Social and/or Attention Deficit Re-Examined in Young Adulthood: Prospective Study of Diagnostic Stability, Daily Life Functioning and Social Situation. J Atten Disord, 10870547231158751.

Knez, R., El Alaoui, S., Ivarson, J., Risö Bergerlind, L. L., Stasinakis, S., Ahlgren, A. M., . . . Sörman, K. 2023. Medical residents' and teachers' perceptions of the digital format of nation-wide didactic courses for psychiatry residents in Sweden: a survey-based observational study. BMC Med Educ, 23, 9.

Kleberg, J. L., Willfors, C., Björlin Avdic, H., Riby, D., Galazka, M. A., Guath, M., . . . Strannegård, C. 2023. Social feedback enhances learning in Williams syndrome. Sci Rep, 13, 164.

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