Göteborgs universitet

CD7 General system properties

This CD7 contains two imaging modalities: the CD7 widefield unit and a laser scanning unit, i.e. the LSM900 Airyscan 2.


There are three dry objectives (5x/0.35, 20x/0.7 and 20x/0.95) and one water immersion objective (50x/1.2), and all of these can be used together with an additional 0.5x or 2x magnification.  

The water immersion for the 50x objective is automatically added and removed when switching objectives. During imaging the water level is checked regularly and refilled if necessary.

Objective M/NA Carrier bottom Working distance
Plan-Apochromat 5x/0.35 2.5/0.12, 5x/0.25, 10x/0.35 0.13-1.2 mm 5.10 mm
Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.7 10x/0.35, 20x/0.7, 40x/0.7 0.13-1.2 mm 2.20 mm
Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.95 10x/0.5, 20x/0.8, 40x/0.95 0.13-0.21 mm 0.76 mm
Plan-Apochromat 50x/1.2 25x/1.2, 50x/1.2, 100x/1.2 0.13-0.21 mm 0.84 mm

Software and modules

The CD7 is controlled by the Zen Blue 3.2 software.

ZEN celldiscoverer enables advanced multidimensional and automated image acqusition through the Tiles & Positions, the Experiment Designer and the Guided Acquisiton modules. In addition, there are advanced image processing and analysis tools. The additional software modules include GPU-based deconvolution, the 3Dxl Viewer by arivis®, the Open Application Development (OAD), the Physiology package, and Intellesis.

Automatic sample recognition

  • A pre-scan unit, which includes a barcode reader, automatically detects the sample carrier types. This can be slides, Petri dishes (35 / 60 mm), LabTek-chamber slides (incl. number of wells), microwell plates incl. plate type, i.e. number of wells.
  • The automatic vessel bottom recognition function detects the sample carrier bottom material and thickness and then adjusts autocorr objectives . It automatically measures the sample carrier skirt height and updates the possible scanning area.
  • The automatic plate calibration function calibrates individual plates, i.e. well diameter and distance, plate length, height and rotation.
  • An overview of the sample carrier can be acquired and used as a navigation tool

Sample carrier inserts

The sample tray is made for plates as default. Inserts for single and multipe dishes, for multi-chamber slides and standard slides are available.

Incubation system

The CD7 includes a highly accurate and stable temperature and atmospheric control (heating / cooling; humidity; CO2, O2) system.

All objectives are equipped with heating elements for temperature control and the objective temperature is adjusted automatically.

Dispensing unit

The dispensing unit offers direct on-axis access to specimen, which enables pipetting without disturbing environmental conditions. 

Open the hatch on top of the CD 7 and the transmitted light unit will automatically change place with the dispensing unit.