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Doktorsavhandlingar vid BioEnv

Här har vi listat alla disputationer sedan institutionen för Biologi och miljövetenskap startade 2012. Om du klickar på titeln kommer du till GUPEA (Gothenburg University Publications Electronic Archive) där du kan ladda ner avhandlingen.

Emilija Dukic Marinkov
Characterization of ion transport proteins involved in chloroplast function from land plants and algae 
Disputerade den 11 november
Handledare: Cornelia Spetea Wiklund

Maria Wittemann
Thermal plasticity and limitations in tropical trees 
Disputerade den 30 september
Handledare: Johan Uddling

Oskar Gran
Wood-living beetle diversity and Swedish forest management 
Disputerade den 23 september
Handledare: Frank Götmark

Frida Book
The aquatic ecotoxicity of manufactured silica nanomaterials and their interactions with organic pollutants 
Disputerade den 10 juni
Handledare: Thomas Backhaus

Ola Nordqvist
A landscape of values - a study of non-epistemic values in Swedish upper secondary science education 
Disputerade den 27 maj
Handledare: Henrik Aronsson

Johanna Lethin
Mutagenesis in wheat: An approach to make saline green! 
Disputerade den 29 april
Handledare: Henrik Aronsson

Niklas Wengström
Parasite host interaction between the freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) and brown trout (Salmo trutta) – the impact from glochidia larvae on the host
Disputerade den 11 mars
Handledare: Johan Höjesjö

Birgersson, Lina
Effects of mixtures of endocrine disrupting chemicals – Thyroid disruption and behavioural effects in fish models
Disputerade den 28 januari
Handledare: Joachim Sturve

Daniel Morgenroth
Cardiorespiratory function of euryhaline teleosts - Regulatory mechanisms, effects of warming and costs of osmoregulation
Disputerade den 17 december
Handledare: Erik Sandblom

Malin Broberg
Effects of carbon dioxide and ozone on wheat crop yield and grain quality
Disputerade den 22 oktober
Handledare: Håkan Pleijel och Johan Uddling

Myriam Mujawamariya
Climate Change sensitivity of Photosynthesis and Respiration in Tropical Trees
Disputerade den 16 juni
Handledare: Johan Uddling

Badreddine Bererhi
Evolutionary genetics and consequences of inbreeding in sand lizards (Lacerta agilis)
Disputerade den 28 maj
Handledare: Mats Olsson

Magnus Lovén Wallerius
Interspecific Interactions between Native Brown Trout and Invasive Brook Trout: Insights into Behaviour and Morphology
Disputerade den 21 maj
Handledare: Johan Höjesjö

Sten Svantesson
Taxonomy and Systematics of Thelephorales – Glimpses Into its Hidden Hyperdiversity
Disputerade den 20 november
Handledare: Ellen Larsson

Leon Green
"Reproductive traits in euryhaline gobies: insights into physiology, adaptations and biological invasions"
Disputerade den 17 april
Handledare: Lotta Kvarnemo,

James Hinchcliffe
"A circular economy approach for sustainable feed in Swedish aquaculture: A nutrition and physiology perspective"
Disputerade 15 november
Handledare: Lisa Jönsson Bergman

Kirsikka Sillanpää
"Calcium transport in the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas - in a changing environment"
Disputerade 18 oktober
Handledare: Kristina Snuttan Sundell

Josué Anderson Azevedo
"Origin, evolution and biodiversity of the Neotropical herpetofauna: patterns and processes of the world’s richest and most threatened biota"
Disputerade 18 oktober
Handledare:Alexandre Antonelli

Shubhangi Lamba
"Acclimation of boreal Norway spruce to climate change: Empirical and modelling approaches"
Disputerade 20 september
Handledare: Johan Uddling

Jonna Eriksson
"Polyploid Phylogenetics in Plants: Insights on non-model organisms in Fabaceae and Malvaceae"
Disputerade 23 maj
Handledare: Alexandre Antonelli

Mattias Lindholm
"Heathlands – A Lost World?"
Disputerade 24 april
Handledare: Bengt Gunnarsson

Giedre Ašmonaitė
"Microplastics in the aquatic environment: Insights into biological fate and effects in fish"
Disputerade 17 april
Handledare: Bethanie Carney Almroth

Christian Alsterberg
Response of shallow sediment ecosystems to environmental alterations

Maria Asplund
Ecological aspects of marine Vibrio bacteria Exploring relationships to other organisms and a changing environment

Finn Baumgartner
What makes Elysia viridis tick? Fitness consequences of diet selection and kleptoplasty

Emily Chapman
Ecological risk screening of metal (Pb and Zn) contaminated acidic soil using a triad approach

Mikael Dahl
Conservation genetics of Lophelia pertusa

Narimane Dorey
Trans-life Cycle Impacts of Ocean Acidification on the Green Sea Urchin Strongyl centrotus droebachiensis

Callixte Gatali
Herbivory and Biodiversity Conservation of the Savannah Habitats in Akagera National Park, Rwanda

Matilda Haraldsson
Environmental Drivers of Gelatinous Zooplankton Distribution. Mnemiopsis in Swedish Waters

Sara Hintz-Saltin
Mate Choice and its Evolutionary Consequences in Intertidal Snails (Littorina spp.)

Daniel Johansson
Evolution of the Brown Algae Fucus radicans and F. vesiculosus in the Baltic sea

Nadir Khan Zaman
Vesicle Transport with Emphasis on Chloroplasts

Sonja Leidenberger
Adaptation to the Baltic Sea ‒The Case of Isopod Genus Idotea

Lars Niklasson
Intestinal Mucosal Immunology of Salmonids Response to Stress and Infection and Crosstalk with the Physical Barrier

Anders K Nilsson
Wounding- and pathogen-induced defence
responses in plants

Erika Norlinder
Scale-worm Systematics (Annelida, Polychaeta)

Cecilia Ohlauson
Ecotoxicology of Antifouling Biocides. With special focus on the novel antifoulant medetomidine and microbiological communities

Per Sikora
Mutagenesis and transcriptome mapping in oat and characterization of high β-glucan lines

Elisabeth Sjökvist
Confusions in Fungal Systematics

Ida Wendt
On the Efficacy and Ecotoxicity of Antifouling Biocides.
Lethal and Sublethal Effects on Target and Non-Target Organisms