Göteborgs universitet

CFF First Marstrand Finance Conference June 17-19, 2017

CFFs första finansiella konferensen arrangerades med hjälp av ledamöterna i Centrum för finans internationella vetenskapliga råd. Konferensen hölls på Marstrand, i den fantastiska kustmiljön strax norr om Göteborg. Både internationella och svenska finansforskare deltog, konferensen hölls helt på engelska.

  • Aldrich et al. "The Flash Crash: A New Deconstruction"
  • Baghai and Becker "Reputation and competition in the credit ratings market—evidence from commercial mortgage-backed securities"
  • Boustanifar et al. "Debtor Protection, Credit Redistribution, and Income Inequality"
  • Chiu et al. "Does Partisan Conflict Impact the Cash Holdings of Firms? A Sign Restrictions Approach"
  • Cotter "Beyond Common Equity: The Influence of Secondary Capital on Bank Risk"
  • Maurer and Tang "Pricing Shocks to Conditional Market Beta"
  • Back and Metzger "Are Shareholder Votes Rigged?"
  • Lu and Murray "Bear Beta"
  • Ding and Pennachi "Syndicated Loan Risk: The Effects of Covenants and Collateral"
  • Christensen and Rudebusch "A New Normal for Interest Rates? Evidence from Inflation-Indexed Debt"
  • Giannetti and Saidi "Shock Propagation and Banking Structure"

Preparing for sailrace event at the First Marstrand Finance conference June 2017