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Professor Jahangir Khan

Doktorand Karl Maack

Doktorand Gabriella Chauca Strand

Tidigare seminarier

March 21, 2024

“Should "willingness-to-pay" thresholds change with disease severity?”

A seminar was held March 21 on population preferences and equity considerations of disease severity in economic evaluations in Sweden, with economist Erik Grönqvist from Uppsala University.

The standard cost-effectiveness framework for healthcare products relies primarily evaluating on health gains from treatment compared to its cost. However, there is an intuitive feeling that the value of treating patients who are more severely sick is higher than that for treating patients who are healthier. This is possibly driven by a preference for equity among the population. In the presence of a public health system operating with limited resources, it would be useful to understand public perceptions about the nature of this trade-off. We study the Swedish general population’s preferences in the trade-off between the health gain from a treatment and the disease severity of the target patient when conducting healthcare prioritization. We employ a discrete choice experiment to measure the population’s opinions on this trade-off. We then try to establish measures for the value of each unit of health gain for patients in different states of disease severity.

Februari 8, 2024

John Lapidus, economic historian and Jens Wikström, economist.

"Private healthcare insurance in a public healthcare system"
In this seminar, John and Jens will talk about their fascinating research on the development of private health insurance in Sweden. 

John Lapidus is an economic historian, and will introduce and discuss the development of private health insurances based on his research and recent books on the privatization of the Swedish welfare state.

Jens Wikström is an economist and will present his ongoing research answering questions such as: who is it that buys private health insurance in Sweden, and how do individuals’ health care utilization change when signing such an insurance? These results is based on novel data that Jens has collected joint with his colleagues.

During the seminar, John and Jens provided a lot of food for thought about this under-researched, yet extremely timely and policy-relevant topic.

November 2, 2023 

Hanna Gyllensten, Associate Professor, Benjamin P Harvey, PhD student and Salma Pardhan, PhD Student.

"Health economic aspects of person-centred care"

The lecture summarized the current knowledge on the cost-effectiveness of person-centred care, using results from both a systematic review and our own economic evaluations of clinical trials. They also provided an overview of important methodological aspects in such evaluations with a particular focus on outcomes assessment using findings from a recently developed core outcome set for healthcare programmes that focus on shared decision-making and participation, such as person-centred care.

September 7, 2023

Ashish Kc, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, SA
"Power and Policy"

April 19, 2023 

Martin Karlsson, Professor of Economics at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Chair of Health Economics at CINCH (Competent in Competition and Health) research centre, and a Research Fellow at IZA. Martin is also an affiliated professor at the  Dept of Economics.

The title of his talk was “Premium refunds and healthcare use” and is joint work with Daniel Avdic, Simon Decker, and Martin Salm.

Bild på föreläsare och seminariedeltagare
Presentation by Felipe Pacheco Zenteno from Sahlgrenska academy at the Centre for Health Governance seminar March 16th, 2023, and participants at CHG seminar September 7th, 2023.

March 16, 2023

Kristina Jakobsson and Felipe Pacheco Zenteno
Sahlgrenska academy, lecture hall Mammuten, Medicinaregatan 18A.


January 19, 2023

Ingrid Svensson presenter
School of Business, Economics and Law, lecture hall B44, House B, floor 4, Vasagatan 1

May 25, 2023

A workshop was also held May 25, 2023 at School of Business, Economics and The workshop consisted of 6 presentations of ongoing research spanning on different questions related to the organization of health care.

13.30: Randi Hjalmarsson (University of Gothenburg) “ADHD, Prison Healthcare, and Crime”

14.00: Niklas Jakobsson (Karlstad University) When do Default Nudges Work
14.30: Henning Øien (Oslo University) “Out-of-pocket prices and rationing of care services:
Evidence from price discontinuities”

15.00: Coffee
15.20: Annika Lindskog (University of Gothenburg) “Historical pathogen prevalence and government response to COVID-19”
15.50: Jens Wikström (Stockholm University) “Does it matter who cares? Formal vs. informal care of the elderly” 
16.20: Mio Fredriksson (Uppsala University) ”The development of universal health coverage and equal access in Sweden: A century-long perspective”
16.50: Conclusions

Erik Grönqvist
Erik Grönqvist
Jens Wikström
Jens Wikström.
 John Lapidus
John Lapidus.