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Externa samarbeten Landskap och planering

This section contains an overview and broad selection of external partners and collaborators that members of the research group work actively with.

Universities and university networks

  • Centre for Sea and Society, University of Gothenburg
  • Centre for Tourism, University of Gothenburg
  • Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Center
  • Chalmers University of Technolgy
  • Dalarna University
  • Friluftsforskning.se
  • Halmstad University
  • Kristianstad University
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Luleå Technological University
  • Lund University
  • Malmö University
  • Mid Sweden University
  • SLU
  • The Lovén Centre Kristineberg
  • The Lovén Centre Tjärnö
  • Stockholm University
  • Umeå University
  • World Maritime University
  • MSP Research Network
  • Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Center for Regional and Tourism Research, Denmark
  • Roskilde University, Denmark
  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • NINA, Norway
  • NMBU, Norway
  • Nordland Institute, Norway
  • RURALIS, Norway
  • Western Norway Research Institute, Norway
  • LUKE Natural Resources Institute, Finland
  • Metsähallitus, Finland
  • Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, Italy
  • University of Highlands and Islands, Scotland
  • University of Girona, Spain
  • University of Surrey, UK
  • University of Hull, UK
  • Swansea University, UK
  • University of Exeter, UK
  • Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
  • University of Arizona, USA


Private companies

Organisations and associations