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Scientists in a lab coat
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Researchers at Tjärnö

Most researchers at Tjärnö Marine Laboratory belong to the Department of Marine Sciences. Researchers at other departments at the University of Gothenburg also use the Tjärnö facilities. Researchers at other universities also frequently visit Tjärnö, which makes the work environment highly international.

Researchers and research staff at Tjärnö Marine Laboratory

People listed below have their permanent working place at the Tjärnö Marine Laboratory. Please visit each person's personal web page for more information about their research. Links available in the list below.

Department of Marine Sciences

Carl André, Professor

Lara Beckmann, Doctoral Student

Maria Bodin, Project Coordinator

Benedikt Brunner, Doctoral Student

Gunnar Cervin, Principal Research Engineer

Swantje Enge, Researcher

Nadjejda Espinel Velasco, Researcher

Youk Greeve, Doctoral Student

Jonathan Havenhand, Researcher

Simon Henriksson, Doctoral Student

Marlene Jahnke, Researcher

Bo Johannesson, Principal Research Engineer

Kerstin Johannesson, Professor

Per Jonsson, Professor Emeritus

Luisa Kumpitsch, Doctoral Student

Ann Larsson, Senior Lecturer

Erica Leder, Senior Lecturer

Susanne Liljenström, Communications officer

Mats Lindegarth, Professor

Susanne Lindegarth, Project Coordinator

Gabriella Malmqvist, Doctoral Student

Diego Moreno Moran, Doctoral Student

Samuel Morsbach, Doctoral Student

Iga-Maria Nestorowicz, Project Assistant

Arne Nygren, Principal Research Engineer

Rebekah Oomen, Researcher

Olga Ortega-Martinez, Researcher

Marina Panova, Researcher

Henrik Pavia, Professor

Ricardo Pereyra, Researcher

Fredrik Pleijel, Senior Researcher

James Reeve, Doctoral Student

Stefanie Ries, Doctoral Student

Chloé Robert, Doctoral Student

Cruise Speck, Doctoral Student

Kristoffer Stedt, Researcher

Sophie Steinhagen, Researcher

Susanna Strömberg, Principal Research Engineer

Gunilla Toth, Senior Lecturer

Rhian Waller, Senior Lecturer

Tim Wilkinson, Research Engineer


Department of Biology and Environmental Science

Pierre De Wit, Senior Lecturer


University of the Balearic Islands, Spain

Maël Grosse, Doctoral Student


Nordic SeaFarm

Email: Gunnar Cervin

Email: Ylva Durland

Email: Oscar Gustavsson

Email: Nylund Göran

Email: Annelous Oerbekke