Linda Engström Ruud
Linda Engström Ruud is researching new drugs for obesity and diabetes that provide better treatment and fewer side effects.
Photo: Johan Wingborg


The University of Gothenburg provides comprehensive and successful research, which is characterised by cross-disciplinary partnerships and is closely linked to the educational programmes.

Our more than 3,000 researchers, lecturers and doctoral students conduct research into everything from developmental biology, logistics and gender studies, to political science, design and medieval history. The university also has a number of high-profile researchers. The research at the University of Gothenburg is conducted at our departments and research centres.

Value creation and utilisation of research

The University of Gothenburg contributes to sustainable and knowledge-based societal development, in part through developing innovative, research-based solutions. Often, it is in the interface between academia and other societal actors that ideas arise and solutions are allowed to mature, so that they can create value for society and its citizens.

For sustainable development

Around 650 researchers and PhD students from 40 different departments at Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg are part of the research network for sustainable development administrated by GMV. Together the network’s members represent a wide range of disciplines.


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