University of Gothenburg
Three university students walking in shallow water with rescue suits and aquascopes
Field work in December with rescue suits and aquascopes
Photo: Martin Larsvik

Field equipment

Below you find description of equipment for use in shallow water and from land, as well as from a small boat. Field equipment on board our ships are described under each ship.

At the Tjärnö Laboratory there are:

  • approx. 10 aquascopes
  • approx. 20 waders
  • approx. 30 rescue suits / dry suits, for field work
  • 3 shovels for digging in shallow soft bottom
  • approx. 10 dip nets
  • buckets, plastic boxes, sieves
  • 10 inventory frames (1 m2)
  • 2 drop-traps (0.5 m2)
  • lifeline water rescue throw bag, first aid kit and waterproof cellphone pouch

Good to know

When working or studying in or close to water, you have to have a device to achieve positive buoyancy. This means always using life jacket in small boats and when working in waders. You also have to use life jacket when working on rocky shore or beach if there is a risk of falling in deep water.