University of Gothenburg
Two students are discovering marine life on a ship
Conditions för education in the field and in lab are excellent
Photo: Majk Zanqrelle


Tjärnö Marine Laboratory is a national and international resource for university education within several marine disciplines. There are excellent education facilities in the field and lab.

University courses

Mainly the University of Gothenburg and the University of Stockholm give courses at Tjärnö Laboratory, at undergraduate, Masters and postgraduate levels. Students from a range of European countries also come to our stations.

If you want to attend a university course you should contact a student counsellor at your university, for instance in Göteborg or Stockholm.

If you are a lecturer and want to accomodate a course at Tjärnö Laboratory you should contact our Booking.

Within Kosterhavet National Park there are certain regulations.

Other courses and visits

There are also possibilities for schools, companies and other groups to accomodate a course, to receive training in marine sciences or to visit Tjärnö Laboratory. Learn more here and contact Martin Larsvik for more information.

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Introduction for students at Tjärnö Marine Laboratory