Study Swedish

Are you interested in studying and learning Swedish? Or do you already speak the language and want to take courses taught in Swedish? Then this page has useful information for you.

Unfortunately, the University of Gothenburg doesn’t offer full-time studies to learn Swedish. There are, however, other great options available. For example, the Swedish Institute offers free online courses.

Learning Swedish on Study in Sweden website 

Swedish language courses for admitted students

Although you can speak English with practically everyone in Sweden, basic Swedish skills can come in handy. Language is always an important key to a culture and can be crucial when looking for jobs. This is why we offer Swedish language courses for all international students, both degree seeking students and exchange students. The courses are free for everyone. They range from beginners to intermediate and are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Swedish courses for admitted students on the Student Portal

Courses and programmes taught in Swedish

The University of Gothenburg is one of Sweden’s largest universities. We have a comprehensive range of programmes and freestanding courses taught in Swedish. We offer around 150 bachelor’s programmes and around 1,000 freestanding courses. On master’s level, we have around 60 programmes and 500 courses. If you are fluent in Swedish, you are welcome to apply.

Courses and programmes on our Swedish website

Proving proficiency in Swedish

If a course or programme is taught in Swedish, you will have to meet the requirement for the equivalent of the Swedish upper-secondary course Swedish 3 (Svenska 3) or Swedish as a Foreign Language 3 (Svenska som andraspråk 3). There are several ways to meet this requirement. For example, you can take the TISUS test, which assesses your proficiency in Swedish and is similar to IELTS or TOEFL. If you live in Sweden, you can also take Swedish classes at Komvux or SFI.

Proficiency test on Swedish (TISUS)

Admission rounds

Sweden has national admission rounds. The dates differ from the international round. If you want to apply for a Swedish programme or course, apply during the national admission rounds.

Autumn semester:
15 March - 15 April

Spring semester:
15 September - 15 October

Taking courses taught in Swedish during your exchange studies

Swedish-speaking exchange students have a wide range of courses to choose from. If you have a high proficiency in Swedish you can discuss this with your international coordinator at the University of Gothenburg. 

Courses taught in Swedish for exchange students