The University Board

The University Board is the university’s ultimate decision-making body. Here you will find dates and protocols of their meetings during 2024, as well as information about who the members of the board are.

Mission of the University Board

The University Board is accountable to the government for its operations and shall ensure that these are run efficiently; it shall also ensure that University operations are reported in a reliable and equitable manner, as well as ensuring that the University is economical in its use of public funds.

According to the Higher Education Act, the University Board is also to supervise all University affairs and be responsible for the tasks that are attached to these being carried out.


The Board’s mandate comprises, in particular:

  • the formulation of general goals and general decisions on the university’s activities and finances
  • long-term planning, adopting a position on education and research policy for the university as a whole
  • external analysis
  • evaluation and quality control
  • analysis of results
  • resource allocation over the budget period (1-3 years) and ongoing follow-up

Board meetings 2024

Here you will find the dates and protocols for the meetings in 2024. If you wish to access agendas and decision basis, or protocols from previous years, you can contact

Note that the protocols are only available in Swedish.

Members of the board

The University Board consists of a Chair and 14 other members. The Chair and seven members of the University Board are appointed by the government. The Vice-Chancellor, three teachers and three students are also included as ordinary members.