Sabina Ivenäs and Terese Kerstinsdotter
Sabina Ivenäs and Terese Kerstinsdotter are doctoral students at the Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies are an important part of the University’s mission and responsibility and, as a doctoral student, you will be making important contributions to research at the University of Gothenburg. Doctoral studies allow you to develop a deeper understanding of a scientific field of study and are provided free of charge in Sweden.

Doctoral studies comprise of 240 credits, equivalent to four years of full-time studies, and leads to a Degree of Doctor. It is also possible to finish your studies with a Degree of Licentiate (120 credits) after two years of full-time studies. Doctoral studies are divided into two parts: doctoral courses and an individual research project. The structure of your doctoral studies depends on the general syllabus for the subject you are admitted to and by your individual study plan that you establish together with your supervisor and your doctoral examiner.

Doctoral student at the University of Gothenburg

Study support for students with disabilities

Doctoral students with documented permanent disabilities are eligible for different forms of study support. Examples of this are note-taking support, adapted course literature,  adjusted assessments, mentoring, and software that can make reading and writing easier.

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