Samuel Morsbach

Doctoral Student

Department of Marine
Visiting address
Tjärnö marina laboratorium, Laboratorievägen 10
452 96 Strömstad

About Samuel Morsbach

PhD student in ecosystem modelling at Tjärnö Marine Laboratory under the supervision of Mats Lindegart and Göran Broström

I aim to quantify the effects that offshore wind farms have on biodiversity and how they can potentially alter marine food webs by applying an ecosystem modelling approach. The idea is a large-scale and holistic assessment from a whole-ecosystem viewpoint considering the entire life cycle of those installations. This study adds to and further develops existing knowledge in a rather new subject area, partly making use of already available data and marine spatial planning tools. I am therefore very much interested in any form of collaboration with people working in the broad field of offshore industries!

My PhD is part of the transdisciplinary C2B2 project (Co-Creating Better Blue) bringing together stakeholders from academia, government, civil society and industry to transform marine governance processes and sustainabilize the Swedish blue economy using a co-participatory approach. As such, I am planning to also investigate the multi-use potential of offshore wind farms as well as other interactions with potentially competing marine industries (e.g. fisheries) to get a comprehensive understanding of regional-scale ecological impacts of the emerging offshore renewables sector in Sweden.