Find cooperation with our students in the Ad Portal
Find cooperation with our students in the Ad Portal
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Collaborate with our students

Do you work at a company, in the public sector, or at an organisation and want to collaborate with our students? Most of the study programmes and courses include essays, degree projects, and internships, and students are eager to apply their knowledge and skills on real cases from work life. Describe your need of surveys, investigations, or deeper analyses, and place an ad in the Ad Portal for free. It is also possible to advertise permanent and part-time jobs.

Collaborate with an ad

Post an ad with proposals for a degree thesis, essays, internships, and part-time jobs for university students and for permanent positions for graduates. The School of Business, Economics and Law has a job posting service for their students and alumni.

To advertise

Before you start to advertise, please read about the processing of personal data and terms for advertising above.

To place an ad in the portal and manage your personal data, enter with your job e-mail address and receive a link with further instructions. Your e-mail address is also needed for contact with students/alumni and with the University of Gothenburg.

Once you have completed the form, the ad will be processed, published, and made searchable for students/alumni as soon as possible.

To cooperate with students and the University

Collaboration gives both you and the student valuable experience, perspectives and new knowledge. You also get a scientific result for your framed questions and the opportunity to get to know potentially future colleagues.

Degree project, essay, and internship

Student projects are all scientific endeavours within the framework of a study programme. This is important to remember since it implies that the project descriptions need to be designed to fit the scientific purpose in consultation with the instructor at the University and the student.

The assignment of an internship must be relevant and on an advanced level. Usually, a plan is required that fulfills the specific criteria for an internship between you and the student, and an internship coordinator who approves it.

Placement/internships abroad autumn 2021?

Please note that due to the ongoing pandemic internships, external degree projects, and similar educational activities will be carried out in accordance with the host organisation’s guidance. Keep yourself informed.