Collaborate with our students

Do you work at a company, in the public sector, or at an organisation and want to collaborate with our students? Our students are eager to apply their knowledge and skills on real cases from work life.

How it works

Collaborating with our students provides both you as the client and the student with valuable experiences, perspectives, and new knowledge. As the client, you also gain a scientific perspective on what you need assistance with and, furthermore, have the opportunity to get to know potential future colleagues.

Students want interesting and engaging assignments that are closely related to their field of study and can serve as a test of their overall competence. Often, projects and tasks in the workplace are requested where students can apply their knowledge during their education but also feel that they contribute to the company's or organization's development.

Common collaborations

The most common forms of student collaboration are thesis projects and internships. Depending on the type of collaboration you, as the client, are seeking, there are different things you need to know.

Ad portal

In the advertisement portal, as a employer, you can advertise:

  • Thesis projects
  • Internship positions
  • Jobs
  • Research assignments

Advertising is free of charge, but it is Gothenburg University that determines whether the advertisement can be published or not.