University of Gothenburg
Algae in a transparent container
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Thermoregulated rooms, sorting rooms

At Tjärnö Marine Laboratory you may work in so-called thermoregulated rooms: rooms where air and/or water temperature can be manipulated. There are also sorting rooms where field samples can be handled and stored in deep or surface water.

6 thermoregulated rooms where both air and water temperature can be regulated. One of the rooms is suitable for work with non-native species; the drain is connected to the municipal sewage treatment plant. There is also a dry thermoregulated room located adjacent to other thermoregulated rooms, equipped with fume hood and a wet bench. There are 3 additional thermoregulated rooms with the ability to adjust room temperature and cool water. One of these is equipped with lighting fixtures for regulation of circadian rhythms.

There are two sorting rooms.