Employment benefits

There are many benefits to working at the University of Gothenburg. We offer various perks such as wellness grant, parental allowance supplement, and opportunities for skills development.

Three quick benefits

Annual Leave
As a new employee, you are entitled to annual leave already during your first year of employment. The basic annual leave is 28 days. The year you turn 30, you have 31 days, and from the year you turn 40, you have 35 days of annual leave.

As an employee, you receive a wellness grant of 2,000 SEK per year, at most. You also have the opportunity for wellness activities during paid working hours, one hour per week.

You can be reimbursed for medical care, physiotherapy and prescription medicines up to the so-called high-cost protection threshold (högkostnadsskydd).

Photo: Johan Wingborg

It's a fantastic environment to work in. I appreciate the freedom I have in my job and the ability to manage my own schedule. Our benefits such as wellness hours and seven weeks of vacation are also something I value.

How does study counsellor Karin Wester spend her days?

Holiday and leave

You can take time off during paid working hours on several occasions, such as holiday, medical appointments, moving days, or funerals. You are also entitled to taking time off if you become a parent.

Work environment

We believe that a sustainable work life is the key to long-term performance and well-being. By paying attention to workload, flexibility in working hours, and the digital work environment, we strive to provide you with the best conditions to thrive and perform at your best level.

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The work environment at GU provides me with excellent conditions for conducting high quality research. Thanks to the flat hierarchy, I feel that we can discuss with each other more freely and personal initiatives are welcomed creating an environment where innovation and collaboration can thrive.

How does Senior lecturer Philipp Klahn spend his days?

Develop with us

We believe it's important for you to feel that you're advancing in your career.

Support for international staff

Welcome Services offers information and assistance to international researchers, faculty, staff, and students in matters concerning the arrival to and their stay at the University of Gothenburg.

Photo: Johan Wingborg

At the University of Gothenburg, there are great opportunities for development and diversity in tasks, as well as the chance to network within different areas.

How does accountant Sofia Berglén spend her days?

Public sector employee benefits

When you are employed by the University of Gothenburg, you become a public sector employee, which provides you with several benefits.