Tuition fees terms and conditions

The administration of tuition fees at the University of Gothenburg is regulated by a number of terms and conditions. When you pay the tuition fee, you agree to follow these in accordance with the rules and regulations for tuition fees at the University of Gothenburg.

By paying the tuition fee to the University of Gothenburg, the student accepts the following terms and conditions;

Terms of payment

  • The offer of admission is conditional until the first tuition fee instalment has been paid to the University of Gothenburg.
  • The tuition fee must be paid in full before each study semester. It is not possible to split the tuition fee into smaller instalments. The exceptions are:
    • If the student has been granted an approved leave from studies.
    • If the student has transferred credits from previous studies.
    • If the student will study a course at another university. If the student enrols on an elective course at another university within their study programme, the tuition fee for that course must be paid directly to the other university.
  • Annual payment deadlines: The last day to pay the tuition fee for the autumn semester is 1 May for newly admitted students and 15 August for enrolled students. The last day to pay the tuition fee before the spring semester is 15 December.
  • Full-time study within a programme at the University of Gothenburg equals 30 credits (European Credit Transfer System, ECTS) per semester. If a student wants to study additional courses, these courses must be paid for separately.
  • The student is responsible for paying the correct amount. If the amount paid exceeds the tuition fee for the semester, the excess amount will be deducted from the tuition fee for the coming semester. The University of Gothenburg cannot refund excess amounts.
  • If a fee-paying student does not pay the tuition fee, the student will not be allowed to register for any course(s) or participate in lectures and seminars.
  • If a student is granted deferment of study start, the paid tuition fee shall remain at the university and be used in the following academic year when studies are resumed.
  • If a fee-paying student participates in an exchange programme organised by the University of Gothenburg, the student is still required to pay tuition fees to the University of Gothenburg during the exchange period. Tuition fees are generally not paid to the partner university during the exchange. 

Terms of fee status

  • A fee-paying student who meets any of the criteria for exemption of paying tuition fees, may request a reassessment of their tuition fee status.
  • The student is required to provide documents verifying the reason for the request.
  • A change of tuition fee status cannot take place during an ongoing study semester. If a student changes the tuition fee status during a semester, the new tuition fee status will be valid from the next semester.

Terms of refund

  • Reasons for granting a tuition fee refund includes if the student has been denied a residence permit for studies by the Swedish Migration Agency, or their residence permit application is still pending, and did not participate in studies, or if the student refers to extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control that prevents participation in studies.
  • It is only possible to receive a tuition fee refund for courses that the student has not been registered on. The only exception is if the student has made an early interruption of studies on the course i.e. the student has formally withdrawn from the course within three weeks from the start of the course and has not obtained any credits.
  • An individual assessment is always made regarding whether a full or partial refund of the tuition fee can be granted.
  • An application for a tuition fee refund must be made by the student. If requested, the applicant must be able to present documents that prove the reason for the application for a refund. The University of Gothenburg may request additional documents at any time during the assessment process.
  • The application for a tuition fee refund shall be made within one year from the payment date of the tuition fee.
  • The tuition fee refund can only be made to the same bank account or card from which the payment was originally made.
  • If a tuition fee refund is granted, the University of Gothenburg will charge an administrative fee. As of 1 January 2024, the administrative fee is SEK 5,000 for card refunds and SEK 9,000 for refunds to a bank account. Amounts less than the administrative fee are non-refundable regardless of the payment method.
  • The University of Gothenburg reserves the right to reject applications that do not meet the requirements. This also applies to cases where the student appears to have provided false information and/or documentation.
  • The University of Gothenburg is obliged to report suspected money laundering to the Swedish police.

Apply for a refund

To apply for a tuition fee refund, please contact It is not possible to receive a tuition fee refund without first notifying the department in charge of your programme at the University of Gothenburg of cancellation or interruption of the programme.

The processing time for tuition fee refund cases is long and it can take up to 4 months before your case is completed. Please note that the application for a tuition fee refund must be made within one year from the payment date of the tuition fee.