International students arriving in Gothenburg
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Step 1 - Check if we have an exchange agreement with your university

To become an exchange student at the University of Gothenburg, your home university must have signed a formal exchange agreement with us for your study field. Check this map to see if your university has an agreement with us.

My university and my study field is on the map

Great! Proceed to Step 2.

I cannot find my university on the map

If your university isn’t on the map of exchange partners, this means that we do not have an exchange agreement with your university and you will not be able to apply for an exchange at the University of Gothenburg. You are still welcome to apply as a degree-seeking student, which is a separate application process.

Exception for music and drama students: If you are a student within music and drama, you may be able to apply as an exchange student even if your university is not on the map of exchange partners. Contact the Academy of Music and Drama for more information.

My university is on the map, but I cannot find my study field

If you cannot find your study field, this means that your department/faculty/study field is not included in the agreement, so you will not be able to apply for an exchange at the University of Gothenburg. Read more under ‘I cannot find my university on the map’.

Step 2 – Check out our course offerings for exchange students

As an exchange student at the University of Gothenburg, you have many study options. We offer hundreds of courses, clinical placements, thesis work, and a summer school. Check out our offers to make sure they fit in your study plan and consult with your home university before applying.

Find courses for exchange students.

Important: You can only choose courses within your study field, at the department or faculty specified in the exchange agreement. Exchange students on university-wide agreements can choose courses from several faculties.

Step 3 – Be nominated by your home university

You must be officially nominated by your home university before applying for an exchange at the University of Gothenburg. Procedures and deadlines for nomination vary between different faculties/schools. Typically, your home university will require you go through an application and selection process before receiving a nomination. Contact the international office at your home university for more information.

Step 4 – Submit online application

Once nominated by your home university (Step 3), you can proceed with the online application for exchange studies. The deadline for applications is May 15, for autumn semester/full year, and November 15 for spring semester. The Artistic Faculty has earlier deadlines. The application guide and a link to the online application form is found at Apply for exchange studies. Read and follow the instructions carefully.

Important note: The application for exchange student housing and, in some cases, the application for courses are integrated in the online application, so please also read the information under ‘Step 5 – apply for housing’ and ‘Step 6 – apply for courses’ before submitting your online application.

Step 5 – Apply for housing

The University of Gothenburg offers rooms and apartments to exchange students. You must be nominated by your home university (see Step 3) before applying. If you wish to apply for Exchange Student Housing, you must state this in your online application (Step 4) by checking in the box ‘apply for housing’. Further instructions will then be sent to you by email. You can find more information about exchange student housing here

Step 6 – Apply for courses

The process and deadline for course applications differs depending on which faculty/department you intend to study at. For some faculties, the course application is integrated in the online application (Step 4), and you should prepare a wish list of courses to upload before submitting the online application. We have collected all information regarding courses for exchange students, such as course offerings, course application instructions, and instructions for how to avoid time-table clashes under Find courses for exchange students. Read the information carefully before applying as chances of changing courses after the deadline might be limited.

Step 7 – Prepare your stay

Once you have completed steps 1- 6, we will start processing your application. The letter of acceptance is usually sent out a few weeks after the application deadline. Once you have received your letter of acceptance, start preparing your stay. Important information about residence permit, insurance and finances can be found under Before you arrive.

Step 8 – Participate in welcome programme

Congratulations! You’ve reached the final step on this list and in the pre-departure phase. The welcome programme is the perfect way to kickstart the next phase; your exchange adventure at the University of Gothenburg. Everything you need to know about pickup service, the welcome fair, student buddies and faculty/department introduction meetings can be found under Introduction days. 

Please note

The Summer School for Sustainability has other application dates and procedures than those described above.