The author Pija Lindenbaum was awarded the Sixten Heyman Prize 2022.
The author Pija Lindenbaum was awarded the Sixten Heyman Prize 2022.
Photo: Johan Winborg

Prizes, Awards and Honors

The University of Gothenburg awards prizes and honors of various degrees. Some are the university’s own prizes and a couple of them are awarded every year, while others are awarded less frequently. Several of these prizes and honors are highlighted at the Conferment of Doctoral Degrees. But a couple of them are celebrated at their own at smaller events, the Sixten Heyman Prize and Felix Neubergh Lecture, which are prizes managed by the university.

SOCII ET AMICI Universitatis Gothoburgensis

This is a prestigious award for friends and benefactors of the University and is awarded to people who have contributed in a very special way to the work of the University in the form of long-term commitment or donations. It was founded in 1954.

Socii roughly means allies, and amici means friends. Socius et amicus (in singular) thus means that someone is rewarded as at friend and ally of the University.

Pro Arte et Scientia

The Vice-Chancellor presents this medal to particularly deserving people, preferably those active outside the University, whose invaluable achievements have benefited the work of the University. The Pro Arte et Scientia Award was founded by the University Board in 1987.

Pro Studio et Scientia

The award Pro Studio et Scientia – for commitment and science – was instituted by the School of Business, Economics and Law in 2006 in order to draw attention to individuals who have made extensive and longstanding efforts to support and promote the School. Pro Studio et Scientia consists of a medal and a diploma and awarded by the School Dean.

Pro Studio et Scientia School of Business, Economics and Law

Eva Wiberg Scholarship

The newly established “Eva Wiberg Scholarship” (2023), is associated with the Student Fund at the University of Gothenburg, intended to enhance the social life of university students. Anyone connected to the university can make nominations.
Each year, one or more scholarships, totaling 50,000 SEK, will be awarded to organizations or individuals who have taken commendable initiatives and organized social activities for students at the University of Gothenburg. Initiatives that promote inclusivity, unity among students, and collaboration with the surrounding community and business sector are given priority.
The purpose of the Student Fund is to provide better conditions for successful studies, contribute to student well-being, strengthen cohesion among different student groups, foster a sense of community across educational areas, and enhance the attractiveness of both the university and the city of Gothenburg. Nominations should be made in March every year to

Gunnar Svedberg Prize

Gunnar Svedberg Prize is awarded to a student who has worked for the benefit of the students of the University of Gothenburg and preferably increased collaboration between students in the University’s various activities. Gunnar Svedberg was the Vice-chancellor of the University of Gothenburg during the years 2003–2006.
The prize was established with a special focus on the dedication and care that Gunnar Svedberg showed towards the students in his work. All students and employees at the University of Gothenburg have the right to nominate and all students at the University are eligible for nomination. The prize consists of 10,000 SEK and a diploma.

Pam Fredman Prize

Pam Fredman Prize is awarded once a year to a deserving teacher and researcher, or group of teachers and researchers, who have made valuable contributions to social sustainability and lifelong learning in the spirit of Pam Fredman.
The prize, which consists of a diploma and a contribution to an institution is equivalent of 20,000 SEK per recipient or a maximum of 50,000 SEK and should be used for the recipient’s professional development. It is awarded at the University’s Conferment of doctoral degrees ceremony every October.

All those who teach or conduct research at the University of Gothenburg can be nominated, and all students and employees within the university can nominate. Nominations should include a motivation as well as contact information for the nominee. The nomination period runs from January 1st to March 31st of the year the prize is to be awarded. After the nomination period has ended, a prize committee appointed by the Vice-Chancellor will consider all nominations.

The committee may also propose prize winners, which means that members of the committee or those close to them cannot be awarded the prize. The University board appoints prize winners based on proposals from the committee. Pam Fredman was the Vice-chancellor of the University of Gothenburg between 2006–2017. As a farewell gift to her, the University established a prize with a focus on the commitment she showed to issues related to sustainable development – especially social sustainability and lifelong learning.

Pedagogical Prizes

Pedagogical prizes have been awarded at the University of Gothenburg since 1996. Since 2013, it is the faculties that select the winners. The award is given to employees who have developed or carried out a course or education in an exemplary manner that can inspire others. The Pedagogical Prize and Excellent Teachers are congratulated at the Inauguration of new Professors.

The Felix Neubergh Lecture

The Felix Neubergh Lecture in Gothenburg has been held every year since 1977. Every other year the lecture is dealing with banking and finance issues, and in alternate years the subject is centered around archaeology.

The Felix Neubergh Lecture was established through donations by the late banker Felix Neubergh and his wife Bertha. Born in Gothenburg, Felix Neubergh generously endowed diverse institutions in his native city for a number of years, especially the University of Gothenburg. He aimed to support the universities’ links to culture and science in English-speaking countries.

Felix Neubergh Lecture, School of Business, Economics and Law

Sixten Heyman Prize

The Sixten Heyman prize is awarded every three years, every other time to a Swedish fiction writer and every other time to a Swedish scientist in “the natural science branch, primarily astronomy, geology, and chemistry, for discovery or published work within the mentioned scientific field”. The recipient of the prize holds two lectures, one aimed at students and staff, and one for the general public and schoolchildren.

Sixten Heyman belonged to the well-known jewish Heyman family, which had settled in Gothenburg at the beginning of the 19th century. Sixten Heyman’s father, Alfred Heyman (1845–1918), was married to Alice Moss since 1872 and together with his younger brother Charles Heyman ran the company H. J. Heyman & Co. This company was founded in 1826 and dealt with fabrics and short goods, which were sold partly in a store in Gothenburg and partly through traveling salesmen in the countryside. Over time, the company’s wholesale business with the import of fabrics and yarns became increasingly important. The company also took an active part in the industrialization of Gothenburg in the late 1800s.