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Marlene Jahnke


Department of Marine
Visiting address
45296 Strömstad
Postal address
Box Tjärnö Marine lab
45296 Strömstad

About Marlene Jahnke

PostDoc at the Department of Marine Sciences.

I am based at the Lovén Centre - Tjärnö situated 150 km north of Gothenburg and 130 km south of Oslo.

I am a molecular ecologist with a focus in conservation genetics. I am interested in exploring how population genetic and phylogenetic information can be used for conservation purposes with state-of-the-art methods, for instance for the establishment of protected areas, environmental monitoring, restoration and the control of invasive species. I also have strong interests in seascape and population genetics, adaptive vs. non-adaptive evolution and the evolution of sexual vs. asexual reproduction. I have worked with a great variety of systems, such as viruses, plants, insects, fish, birds and marine mammals.

Research projects

Integrating seascape ecology and ecosystem services of eelgrass meadows for marine spatial management

Local adaptation driven by evolution of dispersal traits in marine larvae