Marlene Jahnke


Department of Marine
Visiting address
Carl Skottsbergs gata 22 B
41319 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 461
40530 Göteborg

About Marlene Jahnke


Docent (2023, University of Gothenburg) in Marine Ecology and PhD (2016, Station Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Italy/Open University, UK) in Biology. Born (1984) in Germany, MSc in Biology from the University of Konstanz, Germany, as well as CSIRO and University of Canberra, Australia.


I am a molecular ecologist with a focus in conservation genetics. I am interested in exploring how population genetic information can be used for conservation purposes with state-of-the-art methods, for instance for the establishment of protected areas, monitoring, restoration and understanding adaptability to climate change. I have strong interests in seascape genomics, adaptive vs. non-adaptive evolution and the evolution of sexual vs. asexual reproduction.

Currently I am a researcher at Tjärnö Marine Laboratory, University of Gothenburg, working on two projects for which I am the main PI. The first is a FORMAS research project for early-career researchers (2021-2025), and we are working on generating genetic information for Baltic Sea eelgrass, which is threatened by climate change. The second is a VR project (2023-2026) aiming to predict survival and adaptation of eelgrass in the seascape and validate those predictions with mesocosm experiments.

Interesting article published on our work in the European Commission's newsletter “Science for Environment Policy”:


I am teaching on the topics of conservation genetics, seascape genetics/genomics and seagrasses in the following course: BIO418 Conservation and population genetics, BIO458 Primary producers of the sea and MAR4646 Seascape governance in times of global change.