University of Gothenburg
A yellowcoloured Remotely Operated Vehicle after recovery
The Remotely Operated Vehicle Ocean Modules V8 M500
Photo: Martin Larsvik

V8 M500

This ROV is used to document the seafloor for research, education and public outreach, and to deploy and retrieve instruments for research groups locally and abroad, as well as to collect targeted samples, for example of coldwater corals and sponges. The system can also accept other onboard instruments.

Manufacturer: Ocean Modules Sweden AB, Åtvidaberg, Sweden
Model: V8 M500 Intervention
Length • width • height (cm): 84 • 66 • 67
Weight: 70 kg
Thrusters: 8 pcs • 750 W/pc
Maximum speed: 3 knots
Maximum depth: 500 metres
Length of existing cable: 400 metres

Equipped with:

  • Video camera HD, 2 analog video cameras
  • LED lights
  • Electric five-function manipulator
  • Four-compartment sample tray
  • Equipment for deployment and retrieval of instruments
  • Scanning sonar
  • Acoustic positioning system (transducer on R/V Nereus, transponder on ROV)
  • Scaling lasers
  • Subsea Ethernet and serial communication

Used on: R/V Nereus

Purchased: 2022