International students the first days in Gothenburg

Apply for exchange studies

The University of Gothenburg uses the online application Mobility-Online for incoming exchange students. Please note that you have to be nominated by your home university before applying. To access the online form, please use the link ‘Apply here!’ below.

Autumn semester/spring semester/full year: February 15 - April 1

Spring semester: September 1 - November 15

Autumn semester/full year: February 15 - April 1

Spring semester: September 1 - October 15

Online application guide

Follow all the steps below to submit your application for exchange studies. Read the instructions carefully and make sure to include all required documents as described below.

Step 1: Start application

Click on Apply here! and complete the form. All required fields should be completed carefully. Fields marked with a star (*) are mandatory.

Important: In this step, select the faculty that you have been nominated to. This is important for processing your application. If you are unsure which faculty you belong to, please contact the international coordinator at your home university before starting the application.

Use this link below to self-assess your language proficiency: Self assessment grid

Step 2: Create an account

You have now received an email with further instructions. Follow the link at the end of the email and create an account with a username and a password. Your username must be at least six characters and cannot contain any special characters. Your password must be at least six characters and contain at least one number, one upper case letter, and no special characters.

Step 3: Complete application

When you have created an account, you can directly log in to Mobility-Online. You will receive an email with a link to your account to be used for accessing your application.

  • Complete all fields under the section “Complete personal details”.  After you have filled in your personal data you will receive an email with a PDF of your application.

  • Upload supplementary documents. There are different mandatory documents depending on which faculty or school you are applying to. Select your faculty/school at the University of Gothenburg from the list below to see which documents you are required to provide. If you are unsure which faculty or school you should apply to, ask the international coordinator at your home university.

  • Transcript of records (in English)
  • Transcript of records (in English)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Wishlist of courses
  • Transcript of records (in English)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Portfolio, link or pdf (for Performing Art: recording/performance/scores)
  • Transcript of records (in English)
  • Course wish list (provided by the international coordinator at your host department).
  • Copy of passport (encouraged for all applicants, but mandatory for students from non-EU countries).
  • Transcript of records (in English), including courses you are currently taking.
  • Transcript of records (in English). Students on master level should upload Transcript of records both from their master studies and from their bachelor degree
  • Letter of Motivation describing your main interests and why you want to study at the Sahlgrenska Academy. If you intend to take courses taught in Swedish, the letter should be written in Swedish.
  • CV, including photo, (and written in English or Swedish) that contains relevant job experience, research, lab hours etc.
  • Proof of vaccines
  • Transcript of records (in English) containing all completed courses and grades before the exchange.
  • Transcript of records (in English)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Transcript of records (in English)

Step 4: Submit application

You submit your application by using the button “Submit application”.  You will receive a confirmation email and the University of Gothenburg will then start processing your application.

Acceptance letter

The University of Gothenburg will process your application to decide on admission. If admitted, you’ll  receive an acceptance letter a few weeks after the deadline. In most cases, you will have to submit a course application before your faculty/department can issue an acceptance letter. If you need to apply for a visa/residence permit, you must wait for your acceptance letter since it is a mandatory part of the application.