Students get help in Servicecenter
Photo: Johan Wingborg


Servicecenter offers service and support to students, visitors and staff at the University of Gothenburg.

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Buy promotional products in our new webshop!

The University of Gothenburg is now launching a webshop together with the supplier Voky. In the webshop, there is new collection of promotional products. You will for example find clothes, bags, and water bottles with the university's logo. Display samples will be available in all Servicecenters, and a limited number of selected products will also be for sale.

To the University of Gothenburg's webshop

If you are interested in the old collection, the clearance sale in Servicecenter will continue. Don't miss the opportunity for bargain deals.


Our Servicecenters

Regular opening hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm, Friday 8am-2pm
Post address: Box 100, 413 90 Göteborg

Regular opening hours: Monday 8am-4pm, Tuesday 8am-6:15pm, Wednesday-Thursday 8am-4pm, Friday 8am-2pm
Postadress: Box 715, 405 30 Göteborg

Regular opening hours: Monday-Tuesday 8am-4pm, Wednesday 8am-6:15pm, Thursday 8am-4pm, Friday 8am-2pm
Postadress: Box 200, 405 31 Göteborg

Regular opening hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm, Friday 8am-2pm
Postadress: Box 300, 405 30 Göteborg