Simon Henriksson

Doctoral Student

Department of Marine Sciences
Visiting address
Tjärnö marina laboratorium, Laboratorievägen 10
452 96 Strömstad
Postal address
Box 461
40530 Göteborg

About Simon Henriksson

PhD student in marine population genetics and evolutionary biology at the Tjärnö Marine Laboratory.

In the project, we investigate reproductive isolation between different cod "ecotypes" - cod populations that are genetically adapted to different environments and life histories. The aim is to describe which behavioural and genetic mechanisms contribute to the relatively low levels of hybridisation between the two ecotypes found in the Skagerrak, despite them being found in the same geographical areas. These results will then be used to forecast how the two ecotypes might respond to future environmental changes and management actions.

In addition, the project will review the current knowledge regarding the connectivity of multiple marine species in the Skagerrak region, to inform management on the best placement of marine protected areas.

I am also involved in other projects examining the population structure of Atlantic cod in Swedish waters using genetic methods. The aim of these projects is to describe the geographical distribution of different cod ecotypes, genetic adaptations to local environmental conditions, and genetic diversity within ecotypes.

Research projects/groups:

Transatlantic research program on marine eco-evolutionary dynamics (Project leader: Rebekah Oomen, GU)

SAMSKAG: Marine protected areas as a means of climate adaptation of Skagerrak ecosystems (Project leader: Even Moland, IMR)

BlueBioClimate: Climate-adapted nature conservation within Kattegat-Skagerrak (Project leader: Jakob Hemmer-Hansen, DTU Aqua)

CeMEB: Centre for Marine Evolutionary Biology


Rebekah Oomen

Carl André