Photo: Medieteknik/Alana da Silva

After your studies

After a few years of hard work, you will graduate. There are many different roads to take after finishing your studies. You might start to look for employment in Sweden, your home country, or somewhere else. Pursue an academic career? Or even start your own movement or company. No matter what, your academic education from the University of Gothenburg will always be of great value for you.

These pages provide information about what happens after graduation, during your career, and throughout your working life in Sweden. You can also find inspiration from our alumni in what they do today and how their education benefitted them.


When you are finished with your studies, you should apply for your degree certificate. This is the equivalent of a diploma in other countries. It’s also time to celebrate and don't forget to join our alumni network.


Your hosting faculty or department arrange graduation ceremonies for you and your classmates. The celebrations vary from gathering all graduates at the faculty for a big ceremony or smaller events for your study programme. Some faculties host the graduation ceremony in our grand main building Vasaparken, dating from 1907.

The Student unions usually arrange dinners and farewell parties at the end of the academic year. 

Career after your studies

The University of Gothenburg helps you secure your future. Once you have graduated, you have very good chances of quickly getting a job and becoming established on the labour market. We collaborate closely with the private and public sectors. This means that during your studies, you can meet employers and earlier graduates of your programme through lectures, trade fairs or work placements.

In 2019 the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) studied how many students found jobs that provided stable employment and who were not unemployed during the previous 12 months. Between 12 and 18 months after their graduation, an average 82 per cent of University of Gothenburg graduates were established on the labour market. This number varies somewhat depending on the programme, but it is generally high. This shows that a degree from the University of Gothenburg provides you with good potential for a secure and stable future on the labour market.

Academic Career

All of our 120-credit master’s programmes prepare students for doctoral studies. If you are interested in exploring a subject area more closely or in an academic career, you can apply to a doctoral programme. Doctoral programmes in Sweden are four years of full-time study and lead to a PhD.