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Apply for free standing courses

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to apply for free standing courses at the University of Gothenburg. There are a lot of important steps on the list so read the information carefully. All applications to the University of Gothenburg go through the Swedish National Admissions Portal,

What is a free standing course?

A free standing course is a course outside of the programme structure. The extent of a course can vary from 7,5 ECTS to 30 ECTS and can run part of a semester or a full semester. The University offers around six hundred free standing courses, taught in English. 

You can obtain a degree without studying a programme by studying free standing courses. Please note that if you wish to get a degree from free standing courses, you still must fulfill the requirements for obtaining a degree.

Getting your degree

Who can apply and when

Everyone can apply for free standing courses. However,  if you are not an EU citizen or already living in Sweden, it can be difficult to obtain a residence permit for studies in time. Our free standing courses are only available in the Swedish admission rounds and therefore the selection results come later than in the international admission round. Therefore we don't recommend it for students outside the EU and Sweden. Our distance courses are of course excluded from this recommendation. 

1. Find courses and check requirements

The first step to applying is finding the right course for you. Each course will have general entry requirements and course-specific entry requirements. Go to for more information.

2. Submit an application

You apply through, the Swedish National Admissions Portal. When you can apply depends on what admission round the course is a part of. 

3. Keep yourself updated

Once you have applied via, you will receive an e-mail to confirm that your application has been received. Check that all information is correct, and go to My pages regularly to check for any changes or updates. 

4. Notification of selection results

After the deadline has passed, your application will undergo a selection procedure. The selection is based only on the selection criteria stated on the course page. Selection procedures can vary depending on the course. Your chances of being admitted depends on how well you compete with the other applicants and the number of places available on the course. 

For information on available places, please contact a study counsellor at the department of studies.

Questions about subjects, courses or programmes

Remember to accept or decline your offer

When you have received your admissions offer, it is important to read the information and accept or decline before the deadline. At you can see your offers and reply to them. 

5. Tuition payment

If you need to pay tuition in Sweden, you also need to pay tuition for free standing courses. Information will be sent out to the e-mail address you register at  

How to pay your tuition

6. Register for studies

When the semester starts you must register for studies in accordance with the instructions you receive from your department. If you do not register, you will lose your place.

Before the semester starts, you will receive information from your department regarding the start of the semester. All questions regarding schedule, introduction, literature and more can be answered by your department.