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Remotely Operated Vehicles

A Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle (ROV) is connected via a cable to a ship. From a control room on board, a pilot controls the ROV and its equipment. With cameras and via the cable, we can show moving images and still images in real time on board while recording. ROV is useful in education, research and outreach activities.

With ROV you can reach great depths, to observe, take samples and film for hours, which is not possible through diving. Some of our ROV's have manipulator arms that can deploy, move or collect various objects. There are also other equipment for biological sampling and sensors to collect information on sea water and seabed.

Examples of assignments

  • Filming and taking pictures – of species and habitats but also for inspection of ship hulls, propellers, fish farms etc.
  • Algae and animal sampling
  • Deploying, adjusting and retrieval of equipment
  • Searching for objects in the water column and on the seabed, using e.g. sonar
  • Monitor and provide support during dives

We are open to all types of assignments and try as far as possible to align our ROV's according to your wishes.

Remotely Operated Vehicle 100 metres below a ship on the sea surface, with a cable in between
A Remotely Operated Vehicle illuminating and filming 100 metres below the ship Nereus
Photo: Martin Larsvik
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Rocky bottom at Yttre Vattenholmen
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Survival of the fittest