University of Gothenburg
Four persons in a meeting
Conference in a marine research atmosphere
Photo: Karin Björk

Meeting rooms

There are plenty of meeting rooms of different kind - from comfortable seating for discussion in smaller groups, to the auditorium with modern presentation technique and 99 seats. Several rooms are equipped with video conference technique, allowing external participants. In all rooms there is wireless Internet through the networks eduroam and Göteborgs universitet.

Projector screen, podium, comfortable chairs, people
Photo: Karin Björk
Meeting room with door open towards the sea
The loft in White residence building
Photo: Karin Björk
Meeting room with tables and chairs
Upper lecture hall
Photo: Susanne Liljenström
Meeting room with table and chairs
Lower lecture room / video conference room
Photo: Susanne Liljenström
Six persons around a table
Photo: Karin Björk


All rooms in White residence building have shower and WC. A common room on the first floor is furnished for informal round-table-meetings as well as pleasant social gathering in the sofas. There is also a pentry with fridge and equipment for making coffee and tea. On the same floor there is a gym with basic equipment as well as a sauna. You will find a sauna also in the Diving facility in the workshop building by the water.

Bed, desk and window
Many rooms have sea view
Photo: Karin Björk
Sofas, chairs, tables, pentry
Common room with pentry ...
Photo: Karin Björk
Balcony outside the common room
... and balcony
Photo: Karin Björk
Desk, chair, table, sofa and bed
Space for both work and social activities
Photo: Susanne Liljenström
Gym with basic equipment
Workout in the gym and finish with sauna
Photo: Karin Björk

Dining hall

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the dining hall. Dishes are prepared from scratch by our kitchen staff, a lot is organic, and fresh fish is bought from a local fish dealer in Strömstad. Tjärnö Laboratory is 'Kranmärkt', which means we have opted out bottled water and instead serve tasty tap water. Thus, we contribute to less transportation and lower emission of greenhouse gases and substances causing eutrophication.

Tables with six chairs to each table
Photo: Karin Björk

Take part in our activities

Are you curious about what is happening at the Tjärnö Laboratory? Book a guided tour, and we tell about all exciting things going on. You can also choose to visit our aquarium, the most species-rich in Sweden. Below we present three alternatives, but with other requests we try to adapt to other content and length.

Guided tour – approx. 90 minutes
A marine biologist tells about the sea and marine environmental issues, shows parts of our research and education as well as our ships. We visit the aquarium at the station and show a film about Kosterhavet Marine National Park. The tour is adapted to previous knowledge and interests of the visiting group. 

Tjärnö Aquarium – approx. 45 minutes
A marine biologist guides through the aquarium with algae and animals from Skagerrak. Here are large and small fishes but also lesser known creatures as squat lobster, sea pen and Lophelia coral. And what about touching a sea cucumber!?

If time is scarce – 10 minutes
A short introduction of the field station, ending with a visit in the aquarium on your own.

Book a trip at sea

Our specially-equipped research vessel Nereus is used both in research and education. It may also be booked by visiting groups. You are accompanied by a trained marine biologist who tell about the sea and about the research conducted by the Tjärnö Laboratory in Kosterhavet. Below you find two examples of trips we offer, but feel free do discuss other options with us!

To the Outermost Outpost – approx. 4 h
Trip with research vessel Nereus to Kosterhavet Marine National Park and Ursholmen with its lighthouse. On our way we stop to collect algae and animals, which we get a closer look at. We moor at Ursholmen with its light house history and from the top of the island we normally see all the way to Norway. Fika or lunch on Ursholmen or on board. The return trip goes through the sound between Nord- and Sydkoster with plenty of charming boathouses. With reservation for changes due to bad weather.

Film time in the Kosterhavet Deep – approx. 3 h
Trip with research vessel Nereus to Kosterhavet Marine National Park. On the deep Koster fjord we deploy a remotely operated vehicle which films and transmits in real-time from the bottom of the sea. Sequences are shown on a monitor on board and a marine biologist guides you among sea anemones and sponges. You will taste water from 100 metres depth which we collect with a water sampler. Fika on board. With reservation for changes due to bad weather.

More about us at Tjärnö Laboratory

Tjärnö Marine Laboratory is a field station for education and research about the sea. We are a part of the University of Gothenburg, and the first students arrived here already in 1963. Today the Tjärnö Laboratory is of the one of the most modern marine field stations in Europe with very good conditions for experimental studies. International cooperation is extensive with visits from researchers and students from all over the world. Approx. 60 persons are working on the station with research, education and service.

Broad research
The research on Tjärnö spans from fundamental understanding of the functions of the sea to more applied issues, for instance coastal zone management, monitoring and aquaculture. Examples of research areas are evolution and speciation, genetical methods for improved fisheries management and development of Swedish macroalgae farming.

A part of society
The Tjärnö Laboratory contributes with marine competence in different issues important for society. The establishment of Kosterhavet Marine National Park, co-management of prawn fishery in Koster- and Väderöfjorden and sustainable tourism are some examples of collaboration with authorities and industry. Every year several hundreds of pupils from elementary school to high school from all over Sweden to Tjärnö to learn more about the sea. During summer season the general public is invited to Tjärnö Aquarium, a series of popular science lectures and other activities for both children and adults.

Our environmental work

Environmental work and sustainability are well-known concepts at the Tjärnö Laboratory; we were environmentally certified already in 2004. Our boats uses ecofuel, we heat our buildings with sea water through heat pumps, compost left-overs from the dining hall and constantly decrease our environmental impact. Furthermore, we use remotely operated underwater vehicles with cameras, to map the seafloor. Thus, we can study sensitive bottom organisms without harming them.

Prices and booking

One day or several? Boat trip or guided tour of the station? Ordinary dinner or seafood buffet in the aquarium hall? There are many possibilities! How long you stay and what you choose to do, depends on your purpose with the meeting, of course. Please contact us, and we are willing to help with your planning.

Prices 2022

Prices per day and person excluding VAT




breakfast, lunch & dinner


400 SEK

300 SEK/200 SEK

250 SEK

companies & 

700 SEK

550 SEK/450 SEK

250 SEK

Examples of conference packages

  • Lunch to lunch

Lunch incl. sallad buffet and beverage on arrival, afternoon fika with coffee/tea, juice and cookie, dinner at night. Lodging in single or double room, and breakfast buffet. Forenoon coffee with fruit and biscuits and lunch. Access to meeting rooms.

Price universities with lodging in single or double room: 
1 398 SEK/1 198 SEK
Price other groups with lodging in single or double room: 1 948 SEK/1 748 SEK

  • Full day

Fika with bread roll on arrival, lunch incl. sallad buffet and beverage as well as afternoon fika with cookie. Access to meeting rooms.

Price for universities 604 SEK
Pris for others: 904 SEK


Prices per group with no more than 20 persons

  • Guided tour av Tjärnö Laboratory (approx. 90 min)
    Universities: 900 SEK
    Others: 1 500 SEK
  • Tjärnö Aquarium (approx. 45 min)
    Universities: 450 SEK
    Others: 750 SEK
  • Boat trip to the Outermost Outpost (approx. 4 h)
    Universities: 6 400 SEK
    Others: 20 000 SEK
  • Film time in the Kosterhavet Deep (approx. 3 h)
    Universities: 8 400 SEK
    Others: 21 000 SEK