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Applications and admission

This information explains how to apply for doctoral studies and how your education is financed.

Apply to doctoral studies

Admission to doctoral studies takes place after a doctoral position is advertised. Doctoral positions are advertised by the departments at each faculty. To be eligible for doctoral studies, you must meet the general and specific entry requirements. The selection among applicants meeting the requirements is based, among other things, on assessments of applicants’ overall ability to benefit from the studies.

All doctoral positions that lead to a doctoral studentship are listed under Vacancies, under the professional area Doctoral student.

Doctoral studentships

The majority of doctoral students at the University of Gothenburg are employed the University once they are accepted for doctoral studies. Initially, doctoral students have a one-year contract that is then extended for at most two times. This means that full-time students will have three employment contracts: a one-year contract, a two-year contract and finally a one-year contract. You can only receive a doctoral studentship after, or in connection with, having been accepted for doctoral studies. The types of financing allowed at the University of Gothenburg are regulated in the Rules and Regulations for Third-cycle Studies.

External position

Another option for students is to be admitted to doctoral studies with an external position. As an externally positioned doctoral student, you are employed by an employer other than the University of Gothenburg. As such, you conduct your studies within the framework of your employment, while also working within the organisation where you are employed. As an externally positioned student, you conduct your studies at a pace of no less than 50 per cent.

Even as an externally positioned student, you need to apply for doctoral studies according to the instructions defined by the study programme. More information is available on each department’s website.



Departmental duties

As a doctoral student with a doctoral studentship, you may be offered to combine your doctoral studies with departmental duties at your department. Departmental duties can include teaching, research, artistic development work, administration, and appointed assignments. Departmental duties, including appointed assignments, may total at most 20 per cent of a full-time position and result in an extension of your studies by the equivalent amount of time.


As a doctoral student at the University of Gothenburg, there are a large number of scholarships that you can apply for, such as scholarships to attend conferences or visit other higher education institutions. Students with a doctoral studentship at the university can apply for these type of scholarships as well.