Fredrik Pleijel


Tjärnö Marine Laboratory
Visiting address
45296 Strömstad
Postal address
45296 Strömstad

About Fredrik Pleijel

Research interests Assessment of polychaete phylogeny based on combined morphological and molecular data. Polychaete phylogeny is currently in a state of flux, but we are (hopefully) on our way to resolve the relationships among the major clades of polychaetes and annelids. My work is concentrated on the relationships within aciculate (“errant”) polychaetes, a group that includes around 5.000 species worldwide, together with more detailed studies and revisions of aciculate subgroups, mainly Hesionidae and Phyllodocidae. Other interests include biological nomenclature and the PhyloCode (an alternative taxonomic naming system to the current, Linnaean one) and to develop identification literature.

“Worms” in general does not appeal much to layman (except possibly as bait), at least not from an aestethical point of view, but by means of photography of live animals and electron microscopy I attempt to document the underestimated beauty of these animals.

Funded by The Swedish Research Council.