University of Gothenburg
A yellow-coloured remotely operated vehicle on a pier with sea in the background
The Remotely Operated Vechicle Ocean Modules V8 Sii
Photo: Martin Larsvik

V8 Sii

This ROV is used mainly to document the bottom of the sea through filming, for instance for university students and for the general public. We also deploy and recover instruments for scientists, at coral reefs among other places.

Manufacturer: Ocean Modules Sweden AB, Åtvidaberg, Sweden
Model: V8 Sii
Length • width • height (cm): 75 • 48 • 65
Weight: 50 kg
Thrusters: 8 pcs • 750 W/pc
Maximum speed: 3 knots
Maximum depth: 500 metres
Length of existing cable: 380 metres

Equipped with:

  • Video camera HD, 2 video cameras 720•576 pixels, still camera
  • LED lights or halogen lights
  • Electric one-function manipulator
  • Collection bag
  • Hooks for deployment and retrieval of equipment
  • Scanning sonar
  • Acoustic positioning system (transducer on R/V Nereus, transponder on ROV)

Used on: R/V Nereus or other research vessel

Purchased: 2010