University of Gothenburg
Scientists in a lab coat
Pipetting in RNA lab
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Labs and lab equipment

In these pages we describe laboratories and lab equipment at Tjärnö Marine Laboratory. If you are going to do work in any lab, you have to get an introduction. To get this, contact lab supervisor.

Special permit is required when working with vertebrates and cephalopods.

If working with chemicals, you always have to assess risks, in KLARA. For risk assessment, contact lab supervisor. We have lab coats and other personal protective equipment. 

For security reasons it is generally not allowed to work alone in lab before 06.30, after 22.00 and during week-ends. Before laboratory work outside office hours is performed, the lab supervisor has to be consulted.

All supplies available in the laboratories belong to someone. We have a lab shop where you can buy essentials.

All of your materials, plastic containers, aquarium tanks, etc. should be labeled with name and date. If you are unsure where to throw garbage or set disk, please contact the lab supervisor.

De-ionized water is available in most labs, and it is possible to order liquid nitrogen, dry ice and gas. Contact lab supervisor for this.