University of Gothenburg
A smaller remotely operated vehicle of the model BlueROV
Photo: NN

BlueROV (Little Blue)

”Liittle Blue” is a flexible mini-ROV, yet durable with advanced technology. It is used for minor studies from small boats, docks and piers.

Manufacturer: Blue Robotics, Torrance (Los Angeles), USA
Model: BlueROV2
Length • width • height (cm): 57 • 34 • 25
Weight: 12 kg
Thrusters: 8 pcs • 44 W/pc
Battery driven, approx. 2-3 h normal run
Maximum speed: 2 knots
Maximum depth: 100 metres
Length of existing cable: 150 metres

Equipped with:

  • Video camera HD, enables viewing 90° upwards and 90° downwards
  • 4 dimmable lights, max 1500 lumens each
  • Depth sensor
  • Thermometer
  • Claw (=one-function manipulator)
  • Acoustic positioning system
  • Side-scan sonar

Used on: R/V Nereus, Doris and from land

Purchased: 2019