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Before you arrive

Are you an international student coming to Gothenburg? Are you nervous? Don’t be! We will take care of you. This page has gathered the most essential things to prepare for your move to Sweden and arrival in Gothenburg. Make sure to look into residence permits, insurances and housing in time. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Get your finances in order

Although Sweden is considered somewhat expensive, your cost of living will in many ways depend on your individual lifestyle. A number of commodities are somewhat more costly than the European mean, while other might be cheaper. However, by planning a monthly budget most newcomers find it easy to adjust.

When you need to start your planning process, depends on which country you are coming from and if you need to pay tuition in Sweden:

Residence permits and insurances

When and how you apply for a residence permit depends on which country you come from. All students in Sweden are insured during the studies, but you might need additional insurances. Welcome Services have gathered useful information for international students and staff: 

Start look for housing

Gothenburg has more students than any other city in Sweden. Because of this, the demand for student housing is extremely high. Many students find it difficult and time-consuming to look for accommodation. Unfortunately, the University cannot guarantee housing. It is not impossible to find a place to stay, but you need to start the process in time. 

Welcome Services information on Student Housing 

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Learn about your new study destination

University studies in Sweden might be different to what you are used to from previous studies. For example, many international students are surprised by our informal contact between students and professors. If you are a person that likes to prepare yourself and read up on how it works before coming here, you have a lot of guides available for you.

The University of Gothenburg is for everyone. If you have a documented permanent impairment, there is support you can get to help manage your studies. Some steps you should take before the semester starts. 

Prepare for your arrival in Gothenburg

We will start the onboarding of our students once you get admitted to the University. If you are an international degree seeking student we will invite you to webinars with different topics, zoom cafés and much more. All international students will also get newsletters from Welcome Services, a unit at the University of Gothenburg that focus on welcoming international students and staff to Gothenburg. Welcome Services has gathered a lot of practical information about Gothenburg and Sweden on their webpages.